Project 365 – Day 32 & 33

This is going to be scary now – I have to actually keep up with what day of the year it is without the help of the date!

I have lost my photographic motivation the past couple days, and I am going to blame it on the weather. It hasn’t been raining, but it’s been ugly and gray outside. But tonight I decided it was time to get out of my funk. So I took a few pictures!

The subject of my pictures is what I do at the beginning of every month – grocery shop. As some of you may know, Josh gets paid once a month, so I grocery shop once a month! I find that I spend the least amount of money this way. I make out a menu for the month and buy everything that I possibly can, so that the only shopping I do the rest of the month is for milk, bread, and fresh produce. The shopping trip is AWEFUL, but I only have to do it once a month! We used to do it as a family, but we’ve found recently it’s much easier for me to go by myself. I think I may even start taking Josh’s ipod and listening to music why I shop – it could be like a monthly vacation! ANYWAY, here are my groceries after I brought them inside:


That may look like a lot, but it’s actually not as much as it usually is; usually I buy three gallons of milk and several gallons of juice, but we just bought milk the other day and I had enough juice already, so those aren’t included. This also doesn’t include any of the non-food items (toiletries, dish detergent, etc.) Those were already in the dining room.

OK, and to make up for yesterday’s picture, here is my freezer after packing it:


It’s actually usually fuller, but you get the idea.

One fun thing that helped me out this time around with shopping: coupons! I haven’t done much with coupons and grocery shopping because I simply don’t have time to look for them. (Now coupons and restaurants are a different story!) But my friend Lauren referred me to this girls’ blog: All moms should check it out! There wasn’t really anything I needed on the blog, but the blog referred me to – WOW!!! I already had my grocery list made out, so I just went through all the coupons and tagged the ones I needed, and then printed them all out when I was done! It was very easy, and unlike, which I almost had joined in the past, doesn’t put any kind of spy ware or ad ware on your computer. I had 8 coupons for items that were already on my grocery list – so I didn’t buy anything just because I had a coupon! (Of course, I probably only saved 4 dollars or so, but every little bit helps!)


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