Project 365 – Days 41, 42, 43, 44, 45

Our first set of pictures is from my first bridal portrait session. The bride I was working with was young, vibrant, and very classy. As you can see here, she was quite a natural at demure poses:


Check out this awesome light catching the veil…


(These pictures are all in good fun during Ava’s dress-up time. I am by no means trying to make a statement about young marriage, nor am I suggesting that brides attach their veils with pony tail holders. )

ANYWAY, I had a very good Valentine’s weekend with my hubby and some friends! I ran a 5K on Saturday morning and had my best time yet! It was very cold, but I think I actually had one too many layers because by the end I was uncomfortably warm. My running partner and I would like to run a 10K by this summer, and we are considering trying to register for the Peachtree Road Race, which is the biggest 10K in the country. 55,000 people run the race every year, which completely blows my mind!

We also had, not one, but TWO double dates with friends that we don’t usually get to spend much time with. Saturday it was dinner and a movie out, Sunday it was dinner and games in! We “gifted” each other…P1012711

Ava received some new necklaces and a card from her Gigi…P1012722

Our friend Jim made chicken cordon bleu and we pulled out the fancy china…P1012728

And I know technically it’s day 46 of my project, but my picture uploader is not being kind to me so I’ll have to catch up later!


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