Project 365 – Days 56, 57, 58

It’s amazing for me to update twice in one week, I know! Just you wait until I get back to updating once a day!

The first photo is thanks to my amazing hubby. He did something extra-sweet today. We decided to go eat dinner at the mall, which is a sacrifice for him in itself since he knows that that means that I want to walk around the entire mall. We went into my favorite store (at least favorite store in the mall!), Yankee Candle Company, to sniff (come on, you know you do it, too!), and he told me to pick out a candle! Woohoo!!! (Having preschoolers in a tight economy means that we very, very rarely buy something we want “just because.”) I was told that the only requirement was that he receive an accolade in my facebook status, which he has. So here is my beautiful and sweet smelling candle:


(I also tried a noise reduction setting on my camera, which seems to have worked!)

The other two pictures are in ode to our son who is growing up way too fast.


Izzy discovered while hanging out with Daddy and Bobby that he likes to play video games! It’s nice that right now he doesn’t mind that his remote is not plugged in!


He is now also brushing his teeth! OK, so I should have started brushing his teeth a long, LONG time ago…bad mommy moment! But I’m brushing them now! 4 on the top and 2 on the bottom completely in with 2 more visibly coming in. He likes to have them brushed, although the main attraction is getting to teeth (chew) on the brush.

Now if we could only get him to eat table food and speak in English… … …or maybe not, I like him still being my baby!


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