Project 365 – Days 59 – 65

OK, I have 7 minutes to post 6 pictures! I am FINISHED with editing pictures for wedding #2 of the year, and am about to go meet the bride and give her her CDs! So in celebration of that, here are some of the highlights for you…

P1011852_bnw copy

Gettng into the dress!

P1012076_bnw copy

I love this shot of the whole family! It was hard to get, family members kept appearing from everywhere!


Fun moment with mom!


The dress! (Obviously this is out of order!) Who knew that a bathroom stall would make such a good background???

P1012157_mono copy

Bridesmaids with the “mono with a splash of color” effect. I learned the hard way that flowers are hard to do with that effect! It took a long time!


Cake cutting, also with that effect! Cakes are much easier!

Ha! 6 pictures in 6 minutes!


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