Project 365 – Days 67 – 76

Well, it may have been a pain to wait 10 days for a blog entry, but the up-side to that is I had an engagement shoot 10 days ago, and I finished editing the pictures from it last night! Since I owed my blog 10 pictures, I made it my goal today to pick 10 pictures from the shoot and prepare them for the portfolio – as that’s about how many pictures I would be putting in my portfolio, anyway! I shall wait to post them on facebook and the website until the bride receives her pictures (I’m mailing them to her), but the “faithful few” that remain of my blog readers can have a sneak peak!

Taking Kristen and Cole’s pictures is going to be a unique experience because they are the first couple I have done who live in a different city (about 3 hours from me.) Thalia and Jonathan, who I posted pictures of earlier, had an out-of-town wedding, but they live here so I was able to meet with them here beforehand. Since Kristen and Cole live so far away, we decided to combine their pre-wedding consultation with their engagement pictures to minimize travelling. We met at a city about halfway between our two cities.

The tricky part about that was neither of us had ever been to the city before! To prepare for the photo shoot, I looked at the city’s website to get an idea of what kind of photo ops there may be. I did what I could to find things with Google maps, and what I couldn’t find on there, I called the Chamber of Commerce and asked! It turns out that the city had a pretty little lake and a historic district right there together, so we were basically able to just walk the block and take shots, which was really fun! Furthermore, this was a really agreeable couple who would pretty much do anything I asked them to do, including cartwheels! I had a great time, and was very pleased with how the pictures turned out. They required minimal editing – which is probably more thanks to the incredibly beautiful day we had than my picture taking abilities! But, anyways, without further ado, your preview to Kristen and Cole’s engagement shoot:


OK, so it’s probably a weird picture to start with, but I’m going in order. I don’t know if you can see it, but Kristen’s son’s footprints are tattooed on her foot. She indicated that this was a very special tattoo, so I wanted to make sure I got it in a shot. I did the mono with a splash of color effect, as well, to bring out her pink shoes; her wedding color is pink, and as you will see later, the couple very meticulously dressed in all neutrals with a few pink accents.

P1013182_border copy

Fun kissing shot! This is the balcony of a church that was on the block that we walked.


I love the sunburst in this shot. I had been watching another photographer’s blog, and noticed that he uses the setting sun to make sun bursts in a lot of his pictures. We took these in the middle of the afternoon, so I didn’t think I’d be able to do that, but they are high enough in this picture and that tree is placed just so and…voila!

P1013211_bnw copy

She wanted pictures in the city so that it would be unique. She didn’t want pictures on the beach or at a park; way too cliche!


I can’t take total credit for this picture, as I got the idea for the pose from someone else’s engagement pictures. But I like it.


I figured I should put one close-up face picture in my portfolio to show that I am capable of taking them.

P1013367_text copy

I don’t know what’s up with all the kissing pictures, I just can’t stop! Typically I put the name and date on a picture more similar to the previous one, but the sky in this picture was just screaming to be written on. (I did, however, put their names and wedding date on another picture as well, and she can take her pick!)


Like I said, this couple was incredibly fun! This was a spontaneous moment that I was fortunate enough to capture.


At the end of the shoot, they were still good natured enough to squeeze between these bushes and the wall of a random building. I’m glad they did, because these are some of my favorite shots!


Mono with a splash of color again to wrap things up!


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