Project 365 – Days 78 – 84

SO, here’s a re-cap of things we have been doing in March.


We went to a baseball game at the local university and brought the kids! Here is Izzy standing over the opposing team’s dugout. He loved running around the bleacher’s before the game…sitting through the game for three hours wasn’t quite so fun for him! Ava did really well, though. I wasn’t sure how much I’d like it, as the only games I’ve enjoyed going to so far are Braves games, but it turned out to be a good game. And it’s $6.00 per adult, and kids 4 and under get in free, AND you can sit wherever you want! Can’t beat that!


BUT that was just a warm-up for the next weekend, when we went to a Braves Spring training game! Here are some of the Braves hanging out, and I just loved how it was right over the Wide World of Sports sign. It was a lot of fun – we left the kids with grandparents, and we carpooled with Eric and Jackie. It had to be the longest double date EVER, as it’s a 4 hour drive one-way to Orlando from here and we went down and back in the same day, but Eric and Jackie are still speaking to us, which is a good sign! For me it was totally worth it to be able to sit outside and be comfortable without a jacket – if we make another big move, it’s going to be farther south! Oh, and I saw orange trees for the first time!


We celebrated the beginning of spring by buying the kids new shades and flip-flops. Actually, both pairs of shades are supposed to be for Izzy, since Ava has 3 pairs and he keeps wearing hers (much to his father’s chagrin), but, of course, she wanted to wear the new ones. Izzy’s flip-flops are too big…maybe they’ll fit next year.


Last week Ava’s little choir sang “Jesus Loves the Little Children” in front of church. She’s on the bottom row farthest on the right. She didn’t sing, but she made it to the stage, which is farther than she made it for the Christmas program, when she freaked out and ended up sitting in her teacher’s lap. Baby steps.


Saturday we went to look at some rental houses. We are trying to decide whether we’re going to stay here another year or find a 3 bedroom to move into. Our lease here is up the end of June, but we have to know by the end of April whether or not we’re going to move out. Anyway, our house search Saturday did not prove fruitful, but we had extra time between appointments to stop at our favorite ice cream shop, The Cool Cow. The Cool Cow is all soft serve, and every day they serve about 6 different flavors of soft serve. I think that’s GENIOUS – most places only offer soft serve in vanilla. And you never know til you get there what flavors they are serving! Pictured above is Ava with the Cool Cow himself.


Yesterday it was my responsibility to cook dinner for our small group. Having recently seen Julie and Julia, I was inspired to get out my Betty Crocker cook book AND its stand, and I pretty much cooked all day. The menu? Manicotti with foccaccia bread sticks. Pictured above is the dessert: my first EVER pound cake! (This was the first time I used my bundt pan for something other than monkey bread!) I know the glaze on the cake plate makes it look a little sloppy, but I assure you it was GOOD and you should be jealous if you did not get to eat it.


Which brings us to today! It was an incredible 75 degrees today, so I loaded up the van and took the kids to the park! One of our many activities was a practice run with Easter egg hunting with all the plastic eggs I could scrounge up from last year. Here is Izzy with his lone egg – he found one and did not seem interested in finding more, which might be good since Ava found the rest in about 5 seconds, anyway!

So there you are – a glimpse into our non-photography related lives. (Well, I guess not totally, since I took the pictures, but you get the idea!)


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