Project 365 – Day 85

So I’m finally finished editing Baby Ahnna’s newborn pictures! Here’s another one of my favorites:

P1013088_mono color

I thought that I was going to have a break from photography until the week after Easter, but today I ended up with two photo shoots in one week! Tomorrow I’m doing an engagement/wedding shoot for a couple. I know that’s a weird thing to call it, but that’s the best title I can come up with…they got married at the courthouse last week because of lack of funds, but she was very unhappy with the pictures that were taken of them that day. She then saw my ad on craigslist that I would do free photo shoots in exchange for pictures for my portfolio, so she contacted me. It’s pretty much going to be like an engagement shoot, but they’re going to wear the outfits they wore on their wedding day so I’m going to take some wedding-ish pictures as well. I’m excited about it – I think it will be a fun shoot and we’re doing it at a park I haven’t been to before, so that will be fun to scope out! And I won’t have to worry about contracts or print packages or anything like that!

I met with a couple tonight for a consultation for doing their wedding at the end of May. I wasn’t expecting them to want engagement pictures, as it’s already pretty close to their wedding date, but they want them, so we’re going to do that on Monday!

Then in April, the insanity begins! I currently have four (with a possibly fifth) engagement shoots and one wedding! I’m not sure why I booked myself up like that, since May is relatively clear! Oh, and I’m supposed to be planning VBS for my church, too….

In typical Kara fashion, I have again bitten off more than I can chew.


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