Project 365 – Day 88

So the weekend marathon has ended! We headed back to pick up our kids today, and had some fun while we were there…


We are not going to see Josh’s family on Easter, so we went ahead and had our annual Easter egg hunt today! Here is Ava, Gigi, Tori, and Izzy on the prowl for eggs! We had a no-candy egg hunt; instead I bought a puzzle at the dollar store and put puzzle pieces in the eggs. After all the eggs were found, they had to put the puzzle together! We ended up with one piece missing, but Josh went out and found it and saved the day!

We did have a little disappointment today; we were supposed to sign a lease agreement with someone to rent our house, and they had to back out, at least temporarily, at the last minute. I say “little disappointment” because that is really all it was; we have learned to not get our hopes up until we have signed papers and money in hand, which is yet to happen. I’ve honestly become pretty emotionally detached from this situation. It seems much easier to feel nothing than to feel disappointment and anxiety. God has taken care of us so far and He will continue to take care of us, even if the house does continue to sit there, newly remodeled and yet unused.


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