Project 365 – Days 95, 96

Today was really a no-good, horrible, very bad day overall. First, I had to go grocery shopping. As you may recall, we go grocery shopping once a month, so it is a HUGE trip. I typically go without the kids, but right now, Josh is working late a lot so if we were going to eat, I was going to have to shop with the kids. I did my shopping with the kids last month and it went really well, so I had high expectations for today. However, Izzy pretty much cried for the second half of the trip, and I had to buy the month’s worth of baby food along with my groceries, so my cart was extremely full, which made the checking out/coming home process aggravating.

Once we got home, it was past lunch time. I put the “cold stuff” in the freezer and refrigerator, and planned to fix the kids lunch, feed them, put them to bed, and then put away the nonperishables. Just at that moment, Izzy dropped a jar of spaghetti sauce, which broke and sent sauce and shards of glass all over the kitchen floor! Fortunately, I got Izzy out of the room quickly and he was not cut, but I had a huge mess on my hands. I could not immediately clean and mop up the glass because the kitchen was still half full of grocery sacks, and I HAD to feed the kids before I could put them in the bedrooms for nap time so that I could clean without worrying about them and their bare feet in the kitchen. So I had to make lunch with a mess on the floor, put the kids to bed, and then put up the groceries, sweep and mop the floor, AND clean up the living room (which was covered with children’s books and toys) so that I could vacuum, since I had tracked about a million tiny shards of glass onto the carpet during the process. And I still can’t be absolutely sure that I’ve gotten up all the glass.

THEN I started to work on a photo project for my grandparents. I wanted to use a coupon for it that expired today, and I ended up having to spend a lot more time sorting through photos and uploading them then I had anticipated.

Josh worked late, so I took the kids to church with me by myself. Today was the annual church conference, which is a pretty big deal. My kids, especially Izzy, are not prone to sit quietly through conferences, and our church does not provide nursery for this sort of meeting. (Read: if you want parents/young families to be involved in your church polity, provide nursery.) My kids went to play with the other family who has kids kids’ (Ok, that’s a confusing wording), two of them are old enough to watch preschoolers for short periods of time and they were across the hall, so I was OK with that. But after about 15 minutes, Izzy realized that he missed me and kept trying to come to me, so I opted to just go across the hall and hang out with all the kids so the meeting would be less disturbed. After a while, the other family’s mother took her kids home, so I ended up leaving early; I didn’t see a point in staying to watch my kids in another room! I was really disappointed, not so much that I missed the meeting, as I was planning on afterwards discussing VBS with some potential workers.

That was my vent, and I needed it as I don’t want to complain to anyone in person. However, I will stop here and say that my hubby, having no idea that I had a bad day, came home with flowers tonight for me. (Perhaps that will be tomorrow’s picture, as I have others picked out for today!) Also, a thought that has put all this in perspective for me, is this: last Thursday, a good friend of mine from church went to the doctor for a routine prenatal appointment; she was about 10 weeks pregnant. They could not find a heartbeat. She had a DNC today. I have not talked to her personally, but I know from facebook updates, family’s comments, and just the fact that I know her, this is extremely difficult for her and her husband. I really have no right to complain about my “bad day.”

Well, my deadline for my grandparent’s photo book was midnight (if I wanted to use my coupon, which of course is why I was doing it at all!), and I finished it and ordered it at 11:45! My grandparents don’t see my kids very often, so they have missed a lot of their lives, and after this visit with them, I really wanted to send them something to help them feel like they are a part of our lives. Thus the “Grandad and Gran-Gran’s GREAT Grandkids Book!” was born. I started with Ava’s birth and ended with our visit this past weekend, fitting in as many pictures and explanatory captions in between that I could! In order to do this, I had to completely walk down memory lane, looking at pictures that I had completely forgotten. This, as one can imagine, really helped make a bad day better.

So, for today’s pictures, I have two pictures I found that are some of my favorite pictures of Ava when she was a baby. I think they’ve probably both been on the blog before, but I have some new readers that may not be familiar with them. (At least, that’s my excuse!)


I just love how Ava is totally rocking this hat!!!


This is one of the few “self portraits” (a picture that I am both in and holding the camera) that I’m super pleased with. Perhaps I should add it to the portfolio???


3 thoughts on “Project 365 – Days 95, 96

  1. You totally cheated. 😉 But I still like these pictures. You know my opinion of the last one in particular.

  2. (The dreaded double comment!) I would be inclined to add it to the portfolio….I think if you cropped it a bit, it would look great in there!I hope your Thursday is a big improvement over Wednesday! I’m here if you need to vent anymore.

  3. I have that situation all the time at our church. For some reason the childcare situation is less than adequate and it upsets me because the pastors think that the solution to not having someone show up to childcare is just to lock the door so that people can’t drop off their kids. But since I also volunteer to teach for the older kids, I talked to the pastor and told her how frustrated I was that every time I go into teach, no one shows up and then I have to hunt people down to do it. She said that she will “work on it” but that she feels she is doing the right thing by locking the door because she says that it makes people be held accountable for showing up, but really it stinks because people who do serve suffer. So yeah all that to say that I understand your frustration I am happy that you shared this story. It is amazing how sometimes we don’t see what God is doing when He allows bad things to happen, but later it all makes sense. Though it doesnt explain the reason why your friends baby passed I hope that having both of the babies will bring more joy than ever!

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