Project 365 – Days 109 – 116

I have plenty of pictures to blog with, and I would love to blog, but between Josh working late and having multiple photo shoots AND trying to sell the church’s stuff (why am I doing that again???) my time and energy for blogging have been low.

My birthday was yesterday. One of the ways Ava and I celebrated was by getting a pedicure last weekend!


Here’s Ava sitting in the pedicure chair with the color she chose herself for her toes! I didn’t expect them to give her an all out pedicure, I just figured they would clip her nails and paint them. But they did everything to her feet that they did to mine – scraping and scrubbing and all! What was amazing was she didn’t even flinch – she did better than I did – I have ticklish feet! I guess she’s a natural at being pampered!

OK, I FINALLY finished editing a shoot from the marathon of the past two weeks, so in honor of that, the rest of the pictures for today will be from that shoot! Introducing…

P1015338_mono color_text copy

Princess and Lamar! I had to use this picture because doing selective color with these flowers was a ridiculous amount of work! I hope they like it!

Princess and Lamar have two little girls…


a 4 year old…

P1015388_bnw copy

and a one year old! They were both SO cute!!! The older girl was a complete ham and would smile big for me every time. The baby, as you can see, was not big on smiling, but she was adorable, anyway!


I love this picture because of the pose, but even more importantly, both girls are looking at the camera!!!


This ring shot was a lucky accident, since the flower was falling from the weight of the ring as I took it!

P1015546_text copy

This is my favorite close-up of their faces. And check out how perfect that white door is for the monogram! Her wedding color will be red, so I incorporated that in her text.

P1015568_fresh copy

Not trying to be repetitive with the selective color, but there are two things I love about this picture: the dip, and the cool new font I found!!!

Yay! Only…four…more shoots to edit!!!


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