Project 365: Days 117 – 125

I’m in between editing photo shoots, so I will celebrate by posting some pictures of the wedding that I just finished editing!!! I thought that 9 photos would be plenty, but I actually have some shots that I could not fit in that number, so you may get even more later!

P1014494_bnw_text copy

I did A LOT more with using text on pictures this time around than ever before, as shown above in the “old, new, borrowed, blue” picture. This is his ring, her engagement ring, her “blue and borrowed” ring, the baroche she wore on her dress (“new”), the pearls and barrette she wore, and a handkerchief she carried (“old”?). It’s actually selective color, but it wouldn’t have to be except I had to put them on a pink piece of felt.

P1014520_selective color

Alright, I have a confession to make: I don’t drink (for various reason that I may someday blog about), but I really like taking pictures of alcohol! It’s just…well…so pretty! (Isn’t there a Bible verse about that?) This is the champagne the bride and her friends were sharing while they were getting ready. I will confess I have a number of alcohol related pictures as well. Is there a support group for this???

P1014611_sepia copy

Here’s the lovely bride all ready to go! The house she got married at had this great balcony. My pictures from here turned out a little grainy since I failed to put my external flash on until right after I took these, but I like the way they look in sepia!

P1014671_selective color

Feet! The children in the wedding never got around to putting shoes on! And of course a little selective color on the flower girls’ petals gives the picture a nice pop! The randomness of this picture may indeed lead to it being put in the portfolio!


This may not be the highest quality of photo, but I find it very noteworthy that just minutes before the wedding, the ring bearer was jumping, in his tux, from the treehouse to the trampoline. Needless to say, the children attending this wedding were all very high energy…and I think they may have sneaked some of the forbidden stuff mentioned earlier!

P1014810_bnw_text copy

As I said before, I used text a lot more with these pictures! I really scored in getting this spot at the ceremony to take pictures, since I’m pretty sure I had a better angle than the other photographers to get this shot of the bride and her dad coming out of the house!

P1014845_bnw_text copy

Yup, more text! (Just in case you’re wondering, my clients always get a color version of every proofed picture. If I do text, black and white, etc., it is in addition to the color copy.) I love how the ring bearer in the corner is totally grossed out by the kiss! This couple were FAST kissers, even when kissing for a photo pose! I only have two pictures of them kissing, including this one!

P1015044_sepia copy

This is the one posed shot of the bride and groom that I got to set up myself (the other, primary photographer set up the rest,) and I was completely not happy with it, but I really didn’t have the opportunity to fix it since the other photographer jumped back in as soon as I took the shot. (Not that I minded too much, I felt a little unnecesarry pressure to perform well under the nose of a more experienced professional.) This is not at all the pose I was going for; the plan was to have them doing more of a cutesy peek around the columns at each other, which I obviously did not explain very well. However, looking back, it turned out kind of cool!

Alright, I have a few more pictures from the poses and reception I would like to show, but because of my personal blogging constraints, we will have to jump to the end for now.

P1015290_select color

I am SO proud of catching this shot! This was taken in the dark, which my track rate for after-dark photography has not been the best. Therefore, I’m super excited to have gotten the bouquet mid-air with no blur in the picture! And the black background made this perfect for selective color!

As a bonus to this post, I was looking for the lyrics to the couple’s first dance so that I could put some of them on their first dance pictures (which you will probably see later), and I ran into a problem I never had before: I could not find the lyrics to the song anywhere, not even! The only way we could find them was Josh found me a you tube video of the song that I could listen to get the lyrics: . I think it is a shame that the internet has not found this song because it really is a sweet love song, and I think the artist has a really nice voice. So let’s spread the love of Arlan Feiles’ song (whoever that is!)


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