Project 365 – Days 145 – 149

Alright, so I’m finally ready to reveal some pictures from one of the most important shoots I’ve done so far!

Josh’s beautiful sister, Heather, is getting married in October, and I had the privilege of doing an engagement shoot for her! Heather and Jeremy came to town (our hometown) a month ago, and we spent the afternoon driving all over to find the best photo spots. Heather got the “mack daddy” photo session; 3 locations and 2 outfits, getting twice as many shots as I would normally for an engagement shoot. Only the best for my sis!

The first location was the Covered Bridge. There’s something significant about this bridge…like it’s the longest covered bridge still intact on this side of the Mississippi…or something…basically, it’s where teenagers go to write their name on the bridge, and maybe to see the “goat man” if it is at night. But it’s BEAUTIFUL, and allowed for some cool shots, like…

P1015814_bnw copy

This sillouhette.

This next picture is going to demonstrate a technique that I most recently learned. I got tired of using all of the same editing “tricks,” so I taught myself, via google, how to age a picture without making it black and white or sepia. So we have before…


and after…

P1015850_old school copy

Of course, my hubby, after comparing the two, just said, “This one’s darker.” So maybe it isn’t worth the five minute process that it takes, I don’t know!

After the Covered Bridge, we went to another local landmark, an Indian Mound state park. Here, we climbed to the top of the large Temple Mound…

P1016045_text copy

And got my favorite shot of the whole shoot!!!

One unique thing about this shoot is it’s the first one that Josh has been able to go with me. He is an INCREDIBLE helper, I could get quite used to him coming along. For lot of the shots we took on the big mound, I was actually on his shoulders. It was a little bit scary, but led to an awesome angle! And while I was up there…


Jeremy and Heather were incredible sports and lay in the grass for me! I think the grass ended up being horribly itchy and the sun was in their eyes, so they weren’t the happiest campers, but these are some of my favorite pictures from that day!

For our last location, the couple changed into their more formal (or less casual) outfits and we found a dirt canopy road, per Heather’s request. Another good thing about having Josh along: he instinctually was able to find spots like this:

P1016140_bnw copy

So there’s just a snippet of some of my favorite pictures from that shoot! We are excited for Heather and Jeremy and their upcoming wedding!


2 thoughts on “Project 365 – Days 145 – 149

  1. Omg, beautiful pics. And listen, the aging process on those 2 pics is classic. I could see the difference and I loved it!! Take the 5 minutes and do it because it’s beautiful.

  2. These are great! And yes, you can tell it’s aged, not just darker, lol. I think the silhouette picture is my favorite!

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