Project 365 – Days 153 – 157

OK, I’ve finished another shoot, so more pictures for you! I actually finished this shoot in the wee hours of Friday morning, as the bride wanted to pick them up Friday since she was going home for the weekend and wanted to show them to her mom. This couple is not getting married until next August, but they wanted to go ahead and take some engagement pictures. This was pretty much the most adorable couple, EVER, and they photographed so well, I didn’t really have to pose them much at all! After seeing her engagement pictures, the bride e-mailed me to let me know that she would be interested in me photographing her wedding, which I really hope works out because, as I said, they are just too cute!

So, meet Blair and Greg:

P1017712_select color_text copy

We chose to do their shoot at Railroad Square. I had never been there before, but it’s this square that has studios for a lot of the “artsy” industries in my city; painters, photographers, etc., and is also full of interesting sculptures and little decorative details that you normally wouldn’t see. For example, the flowers in the above picture are there because someone attached an old water bottle to that bench to be used as a vase! Railroad Square, if you can’t tell by the name, is also right next to some railroad tracks and an old railroad station that aren’t used anymore, which is PERFECT for photo ops! I had a lot of fun here and will definitely be doing more shoots here in the future!

P1017747_sepia copy

I’ve been experimenting with this type of pose and I think B & G captured what I was envisioning!


Like I said, they were adorable!!!

P1017872_sepia copy

Rairoad tracks!!! After some experimenting, I discovered it was best for me to just sit in the middle of the tracks! (It would probably look better if I was laying on my stomach…maybe next time…when the tracks aren’t quite as HOT!)

P1017900_bnw copy

This picture is using the old train station I mentioned earlier. And those of you who have read in the past about my obsession with lens blur know how excited I was with how this picture turned out!!!

Alright, I’ve taken a 3 day break from editing, so I guess I’ve got to get with it again! I had gotten really burnt out; I had edited three shoots back to back to back with no breaks!

And, yes, after like 2 years, I figured out how to edit the way my xanga page looks! Yay for something new! (I know the profile picture has not changed…we have not had good family pictures since my maternity shoot with Izzy! :-/ That is something I intend to remedy shortly!)


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