Project 365 – Days 173 and 174

So, about two months ago (yes, I am behind in blogging my shoots,) I was asked to shoot a one year old for his birthday. I was thinking, no problem!

It turned out to be pretty challenging! Even though we chose to do it in the evening to try to beat the heat, it was very hot. I don’t think Nicholas felt good. I left the shoot feeling like I did not get one. single. picture. of him smiling, even though I took like 300 shots. Later, when I edited them, I realized there were a few of him smiling, but in every picture his mouth was open, so it’s kind of hard to tell that he’s smiling. (I think he may have had a stuffy nose and was breathing through his mouth.) So, anyway, meet Nicholas…

P1017347_sepia copy

(I think that’s the happiest picture I got!)

Nicholas’s mom came with him and took some pictures, and she has a background in modeling. Not only is she incredibly gorgeous, she has a knack for posing and looking natural.

P1017250_blur copy


Well, I’ve worn myself out, so off to bed I go!


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