Project 365 – Days 175 – 194

OK, so I’m not really sure that these are the right numbers, but we’re going to put up 19 pictures and call it even. Deal?

OK, let’s start off with a maternity shoot I did…two months ago. Angel and Angela (yes, that is their names!) met me at a local park for their maternity pictures. Since them, their son Elijah has been born, and I’ve done his newborn pictures already! (Although I have not edited them!)

P1017571_bnw copy

This couple totally rocked all the poses.

P1017582_dark copy

So beautiful!

P1017587_sepia copy


You know those rocks from prior pictures? Oh yeah, still lovin’ the rocks. (That’s her ultrasound picture that she’s holding.)

P1017612_select color

I got the blocks idea from a fellow photographer.

I was super, duper pleased with this maternity shoot! The couple has also expressed that they would like to continue using me as Elijah grows up, which is really cool!

OK, now onto my last wedding: May 23rd. For some reason, it took me forever to edit this wedding. I am not sure why, I think the photo quality may be better than any wedding I’ve done, but it was definitely the wedding that would never end. It seems like most of the pictures I’ve selected are in sepia…sepia just really fit this couple and venue.

128_P1018592_sepia copy

The main reason I like this dress picture is that couch was definitely covered with suitcases before I edited it.

173_P1018669_bnw copy

As you can see, there was a major height difference between the MOH and the bride. It made mirror pictures pretty cool!

246_P1018791_sepia copy

The bride and groom each had a daughter, so they, of course, were flower girls! Unfortunately, it was a long hard day for them, and I am not pleased with posed pictures of the little girls. Fortunately, there are plenty of good candids.

292_P1018821_sepia copy

I love the petals in the foreground and the ceremony in the background. This is the first wedding I’ve done where there is a wall directly behind the wedding party…I have always done weddings either outside or in a church with a choir loft which enables me to get behind the minister and get shots of the couple’s faces. This wall really threw off my groove!


Flower girls exiting. This is RIGHT before one of them had a major meltdown.

417_P1018927_sepia copy

For some reason, I really like this shot of the wedding party leaving the lodge for posed pictures.


Here’s the family. The serious shot turned out better than the smiley shots.


The wedding party. By this time, the flower girls were done!

448_P1018965_select color

The light was just right at the entrance to the lodge, so I made the bride stop on her way in to get her individual shots.

466_P1018984_bnw copy

This is when the couple actually got married. The first ceremony was just for show; a justice of the peace married them before the reception!


I did manage to fit in some couple shots in between visiting with guests.

573_P1019099_select color

A couple of my favorite selective color pics from the ceremony. I love how the bride and groom are just chill in this one.

613_P1019135_select color

The wedding party eating!


Instead of having a guest book, the couple used an old typewriter, which I thought was pretty genius. So I definitely needed some ring shots with the typewriter keys!!!

OK, I’ve brought Project 365 up to date! I actually have pictures from another trip our family has taken…but they are still on a memory card somewhere…so those are coming soon!


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