Project 365: Days 209 – 213

Cloth Diaper Adventures, Part 2!

If any of you are left that were reading my blog two years ago, you may remember that I expressed an interest in cloth diapering, tried some cheap (Gerber) cloth diapers on Ava, concluded that we simply cannot afford to get quality cloth diapers, and gave up. (OK, I don’t really expect you to remember that, but that’s what happened.)

Well, I’ve never actually dropped the dream of cloth diapering completely. I have continued to read on it, do research, etc. In fact, there is a lady in my city who sells cloth diapers and does free cloth diapering consultations, and Josh and I visited her and learned firsthand from her all about cloth diapering. I just haven’t had the money to purchase any. A good, American made cloth diaper will run you about the cost of one CASE of disposables. In the end, you save tons of money, but you have to have a good amount of money to start with in order to get enough diapers to last you two days between washes.

One of my weird hobbies is randomly searching for cloth diapers on E-bay. I had noticed that a lot of Chinese made cloth diapers are sold on e-bay for really, really cheap. I didn’t have the courage to buy them because I had no idea how good they were. (The sellers get good reviews, but most people write their review right after they receive the product, so that doesn’t tell you much about how absorbant the diaper is, how long it lasts, etc.) But one day, I thought, hey, why not, and I purchased a lot of 7 cloth diapers. With shipping and everything, they cost me less than $5 a diaper, which is a small fraction of what the popular brands cost.


As you can see, these are not the old-fashioned prefolds that I tried before! They are pocket diapers – no diaper pins, you don’t have to pre-wash them 10 times for them to work!


Much higher quality than what I tried before!!! So far, so good! Israel has worn them each about 3 times, and they still seem to be pretty functional! The only time he has leaked was nap time, and since I plan on keeping disposables around for travelling, I may just keep using them for nap/bedtime.


They are bulkier than disposables and give him a big heiny!

So I’m pretty pleased with this experiment! I will most likely order about the same number again when another good deal arises so that I have enough to only have to wash every two days! These do require more work, but it is totally manageable, and to save money on disposables and know that they’re not being thrown into landfills, I think it is worth it! (At least, most of the time! I’m sure there will be weeks that are disposables all the way!) And there are a few products that we will eventually purchase that will make the cloth diapering process easier.

So, why do we need to save money? Well, besides the normal reasons (still paying for our house, me not making income, etc.), there is also this:


What? You can’t tell what Ava is looking at?

Well, OK. Here’s another hint:



5 thoughts on “Project 365: Days 209 – 213

  1. Hey girl,What are some of the other items you need for cloth diapering to be made easy? Let me know that and a ballpark figure… That would give me some gift ideas for you guys with the holidays coming up. πŸ™‚ *hugs*BTW, any clue what Ava would like for her birthday and use? Let me know.<3, ~*Akarui Mitsukai*~

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