Project 365 – Days 214 and 215

My pictures from the point-and-shoot have been retrieved, hooray!!!

So, over a month ago now, we were invited to spend three days in Atlanta with Josh’s dad, step mom, and brothers. The Linkers live over 10 hours away from us, and because of that we don’t get to see them very often. It had been three years since we saw them last, which means that Ava was a baby and Izzy wasn’t even thought of yet! So we were blessed to be able to sort of “meet them in the middle” instead of making the super-long drive to see them with two preschoolers, and doubly blessed that they were willing to pay for our trip so that we would financially be able to do it!

We arrived in Atlanta on a Monday afternoon. Mama Michelle (Josh’s step mom) was very gracious to watch Izzy and her two year old son, Zach at the hotel, and the rest of us went to the Braves game! I wanted to take Ava to the Braves game because we took her to a college baseball game in the spring and she did really well and seemed to enjoy it. However, I did not think about the fact that she would be cooped up in a car seat the entire day before the game! So in the second or third inning, she was so restless I went ahead and took her up to the Sky Field and let her burn off some energy!


I love this shot of her hamming it up with the Atlanta skyline in the background!

Fortunately, she was better behaved the second half of the game so I actually got to watch it. If you ever take a preschooler to a baseball game, I highly recommend staggering the food throughout the game. We started with a hot dog, nibbled on gold fish (that we had brought), and finally hit some ice cream!

The next day, we all went to the Georgia Aquarium! We felt super blessed that our kids had the opportunity to see it; we had been just a month before for when we went to Atlanta with Josh’s side job, but we didn’t figure we’d have the opportunity to bring the kids for quite some time since it’s pretty pricey to get in!


That’s Ava and Izzy hanging out with the jellies!

It was great to spend time with the Linkers! If any of you are wondering about Josh’s family tree on his dad’s side, he has four half brothers, ages 21ish, 16ish, 10, and 2. Mama Michelle is also expecting another little boy in December!

Speaking of which, if you didn’t guess the not so subtle hints I dropped in the last blog, we are expecting Baby #3 around March 3rd. It’s a little earlier than planned, but definitely a blessing, and if I had any time on my hands to think about it, I’m sure I would be excited! I’m around 9 weeks now; I would wait until 12 weeks to announce it, but I’m already showing so we figured we’d tell our families before they figured it out by looking at me! This has been very similar to my other pregnancies so far, so I have had no morning sickness and am simply exhausted all the time.


2 thoughts on “Project 365 – Days 214 and 215

  1. Did they see Crush (from Finding Nemo) at the Aquarium (meaning, did they see any big turtles)? ;)And so you’ll be about 16 weeks when my wedding arrives (roughly 4 months, I think)? 🙂 Any way I can help, let me know. I found out some news about my job. I may try to call you tonight to share. Not sure yet. If I have energy, I will. If not, then tomorrow I shall, after I know more… Hopefully. :)So glad you guys got to hang with family and enjoy yourselves. Isn’t family great? 🙂 And doesn’t Josh have a sister on that side, I thought? Or was it a cousin… I dunno. Named Shae or something like that, I think… *confused*<3, ~*Akarui Mitsukai*~

  2. @akarui_mitsukai – He has a step sister named Seantel – I guess I should have thrown her in there, too, but we did not get to see her in Atlanta. Can’t wait to hear about your job possibility!

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