Project 365: Days 216, 217 & 218

I haven’t talked about it much lately on here, but I have an incredible husband. He is so talented and accomplishes whatever he puts his mind to. He’s also very willing to be “out of the box” and attempt things that are not usually thought of as jobs for men.

Izzy has been needing a haircut for sometime. His bangs were in his eyes and his little head was getting all sweaty when we went outside! Josh gave him his first haircut (his second was by my mom,) and yesterday he finally had an extra few minutes to tackle Izzy’s hair again:


(This is actually before he started cutting, I just think he’s so cute in his little towel/straight jacket!)

So, Izzy getting a haircut is not really that exceptional; he’s a boy and this is his third cut! Ava, on the other hand, will be 4 in October, and she had never EVER had a haircut, not even a trim! She was a sort of accidental Nazirite! But she had noticed everyone else getting haircuts, and would ask from time to time when she would get a haircut. And, even though she had beautiful, curly hair, since it had never been cut, I had noticed that the sides were shorter than the back, which was starting to look scraggly. So yesterday, after Izzy had his cut, Josh volunteered to trim Ava’s hair, too!

So here we are before:


And after:


Although the intention was for it to be a trim, we did decide to go ahead and even it all up, which led to about 3-4 inches of the longest pieces being cut! It is still a couple inches past her shoulders, but it’s definitely a noticeable difference!

Now I, for one, would be terrified to attempt to cut anyone’s hair; I’m not trained to do it and I definitely don’t have a good eye for detail! My husband on the other hand, sees a problem: our kids need haircuts and we don’t have the money to get them, and he creates a solution: he does it himself! What a great dude!


One thought on “Project 365: Days 216, 217 & 218

  1. Awww. I love my Bubba. 🙂 He did a good job, too! What did Izzy look like after the fact? 🙂 You have SUCH beautiful babies!! n_n I hope my kids will look nearly as good when I have some one day. :)*hugs* Miss you,~*Akarui Mitsukai*~

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