Project 365: Days 226 – 230

Well, I have been putting in long hours on…you guessed it, my first July wedding! Although my body just cannot physically handle many late nights right now due to the pregnancy, I have put several midnight runs and one 2 AM run into this wedding. I am so happy to say now that I am FINISHED and will be dropping the pictures in the mail to the bride tomorrow! However, I can’t get too excited b/c my 2nd July wedding is due…*gulp* in a week and a half. Photography, along with everything else, comes one day at a time!

However, I physically need an editing break today (and my dirty bathroom needs me to take an editing break!) so I’m posting my traditional post-edit blog! SO, with the 5 pictures you get today, would you like a little wedding preview?

Are you sure?

Well, OK, you don’t have to beg!

Kristen and Cole had a beautiful wedding outside of a mansion. 10 points for you if you recognize them from their engagement shoot!!! It was a HOT day, the wedding was outside, and the reception building was not air conditioned, so there was a whole lot of sweating going on (at least on the photographer’s end!) However, it made for some beautiful pictures! My friend Jim came and helped me (and did an INCREDIBLE job!) and we had a new element this time around; Jim’s friend came as videographer. It was interesting adding another person to dance around, but he did a great job and I know the video will be great, too!

For today’s pictures, I have selected five that, simply put, make me really happy.

271_P1010556_select color

I could just eat this flower girl up! She was so adorable!


This picture of the bride and her girls made me so. happy. The lighting was just right, no editing required. It may not look that special to anyone else (my husband laughed at me when I got so excited about this picture,) but it’s my favorite.

601_P1010821_select color

I know, I know, I’ve pretty much put an identical picture on my blog before. But there are two factors about this picture that make me love it: 1) the angle that I am taking it from (slightly below them instead of my normal head-on.) 2) The tiny sunburst coming through the trees to the left of the groom’s head. Do you see it? Do you? Do you? Also, I didn’t think select color would be that effective with this picture since most of her flowers are so light pink they’re almost white, but I tried it any way, and I really like the way it turned out!

614_P1010831_bnw copy

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m obsessed with wedding ring shots. It’s always nice to have the perfect lighting for a good, hands together wedding band shot! And I love how her gorgeous veil is long enough that it makes an appearance in the picture!


This is my second favorite picture. They did a dip for me in their engagement shoot, and I was thrilled that they were willing to recreate the moment!

So there’s a little taste test of that wedding for you! Perhaps you will get to see more pictures on a future date.

I finally got to see my O.B. for the first time today! We also got a surprise ultrasound because she was having trouble detecting the heartbeat with the normal instrument. We got a back view of the baby, and his/her head/body from the back really did make him look like a peanut! It’s pretty cool to have had the ultrasounds that I’ve had; in my previous two pregnancies, I had the first at 6 weeks and the 2nd at 20 weeks. This time, I had one at 9ish weeks and one at 12ish weeks, and it’s really cool to see how the baby grows during the first half of pregnancy!

I thought that I was due March 3rd because of my last ultrasound, but the doc said she would keep my due date at Feb. 25th, which is fine with me! So, according to that due date, I’m done with the 1st trimester…wow! This one has gone by super fast so far!


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