Project 365 – Days 246 – 252

We made it through the biggest wedding of the year!!! At least, we made it through the wedding part! I’m dreading all of the editing… but I have a few smalls shoots I need to finish up before I tackle that!

One of which I finished up last night – an engagement shoot for my first (well, right now, my only) 2011 wedding! I’m pretty thrilled about how this engagement shoot turned out – we used a new (to me) location at an old fort on the coast. It was GORGEOUS and I’m definitely looking for an excuse to go take more pictures there! I’m going to try this Photobucket thing to see if the pictures look better – so bear with me! Also, since I LOVE black and white pictures, I usually have to fight myself to post anything but, but I’m not resisting this time – you’re going to get all black and white, because that’s what I want to do! So there!

I was super thrilled with this spot behind the fort – the bricks just looked really awesome!!! And it was actually about 4 feet in the air, so I did not have to lay down on my prego belly as the picture might suggest.

The “foot pop picture” didn’t turn out the way they usually do, but I still like it!

I thought this picture was a flop originally b/c my fill flash did not do its job, but I played around with darkening it, and now it makes me exceedingly happy!

So it’s not completely black and white, but I love love the foot picture! I’m just weird like that!

This was actually on a boat ramp, although this particular picture is zoomed in so you can’t tell. I was standing on a dock so there was water between me and them. Pretty cool!

The dock that I was standing on!

Incredible spot at the marina!

So there you have it, a celebration of black and white engagement photos!

In family news, we’ve had a sort of nap time crisis. I used to put Izzy in our room in the play pin for nap time, and Ava would sleep in her room. That way, if she didn’t want to take a nap, she could play quietly in her room. But NOW, Izzy can climb out of the play pin, so I have to put him in the crib in the kids’ room. Sometimes they will nap in the same room, but more often than not, they will keep each other awake. Ava does OK if she doesn’t have a nap, but Izzy HAS to have a nap! So I’ve tried letting Ava “sleep” on my bed. But if she does not feel like sleeping, she messes with our stuff. I’ve tried forcing her to lay on the couch while I edit pictures, but even if she does sleep, she flops around for an hour, stares at me, bugs me, etc. So, today, I’m trying something really weird; I turned the dining room table into a “tent” with a king sized sheet, and had her make a bed under there. I can tell that she’s not sleeping, but she’s being quiet and we’re not bothering each other this way. I know she’s really ready to just ditch the nap (although she has purple rings under her eyes by the end of the day, she just does not want to take a nap, and I was the same way at that age,) but I’m just being selfish and I really feel I need these two hours to work undisturbed for my sanity! I wish she had a room that she could play quietly in without me having to worry about her getting to stuff, but we are in a 2 bedroom until next July. (At the end of our lease, we will definitely be moving to a 3 bedroom to accomodate our growing family!!!) So maybe the tent will work out.


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