Project 365 – Days 261 & 262

Today’s entry is culinary in nature; I have not done one of those in a while!

During my first trimester I pretty much…didn’t cook. I’m not sure what my family ate, but I spent most of what is usually my time to prepare dinner on the couch. (Actually, I do know that my husband really stepped up his game in the kitchen, and Mr. Ronald McDonald helped out on occassion.) So, this past month when I made my grocery list, I decided that I was supposed to have more energy for cooking since it is now officially the second trimester, and I wanted to try a few new recipes to get me motivated to get back into the kitchen. And, of course, whenever I make something that turns out pretty, I take pictures of it!


Bacon wrapped green beans! This is actually the first time I’ve used fresh green beans – we typically eat canned. This was pretty good, although the meat flaver didn’t soak into the beans as much as I was hoping it would. But definitely a step up from canned green beans cooked in the microwave! Here’s the recipe if you want to give it a shot!

My second new dish this month was…


Chicken pesto! I used MckMama’s homemade pesto recipe since she claimed her kids loved it so much. I don’t know about kids so much (remember, I have the ultra-picky two year old), but this dish really surprised me on how husband-pleasing it was! Hubby requested that it be added to our regular meal rotation! Which is totally fine with me – it was really, really easy to make! (I mean, I know MckMama SAID it was easy, but sometimes experienced cooks say that, and then I go to make their recipe based on that assumption, and discover it’s not so easy for me, but this one is actually very easy!) In case you have a smaller family like I do and want to cut the recipe down a little, I cooked half of a box of shells, and I used 1 cup of basil leaves and 1/4 cup olive oil for the pesto (which made just enough for that meal, so I didn’t have to freeze any.) It made just enough for us to get two meals out of it! (I also cheated a little and put a leetle bit of garlic salt on mine!)

So, that’s my cooking creativity for the month. Well, I am going to make loaded mashed potatoes to go with our roast tonight – I have a thing for mashed potatoes, ESPECIALLY when I’m pregnant, and I finally realized that I don’t HAVE to go to restaurants to get loaded mashed potatoes, I could make them at home! But then, after that, I don’t anticipate doing much creative cooking until we’re working off of a fresh pay check in October!

We went to the beach for the day yesterday to celebrate Izzy’s birthday and had a great time! Of course, pictures will come of that, but you’ll have to wait until I download them! In case anybody’s keeping up with the soap opera of his eating habits, we are taking him cold turkey off of the baby food. (Per his doctor’s recommendations.) So, we put food in front of him at every meal…and if he doesn’t eat, he doesn’t eat. Some days, he has a good breakfast…and that’s pretty much all that he eats all day. We did have a small victory today as he ate his cut-up grapes at lunch today (he had some on his plate yesterday and he wouldn’t eat them.) Baby – or should I say 2 year old – steps!


One thought on “Project 365 – Days 261 & 262

  1. I was going to do a cooking post today but changed my mind. Everything looks delicious! Have you been to Annie’s Eats? I LOVE her website.

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