Project 365 – Days 263, 264, 265

As I mentioned in the last post, we took the kids to the beach for Izzy’s birthday Saturday. I had the bright idea to get there a little earlier than everyone else and take Izzy’s 2 year pictures. For a freelance photographer, I’ve done a HORRIBLE job of keeping up with my kids’ formal pictures. I figured that if we were going to the beach near both of their birthdays, I should definitely take advantage of it. What I didn’t think of was the fact that Izzy is not used to the beach. Throwing him out there as soon as we arrived and expecting him to get super excited and photogenic didn’t really work out…what, one of my kids needed time to adjust to a new thing?! And I’m surprised?!

So, we did the best we could!

They may not have been the incredible beach pictures I was hoping for, but he’s still a handsome fella!

What, you want to see some pics of Ava? Well, technically, they are her 4 year pictures, so you’ll have to wait until her birthday to see them!


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