Project 365 – Days 286 & 287

My Boys

I realize that the past few blog entries have focused on Ava. I must use some pictures of My Boys to bring balance to the force of Project 365!

Here are Josh and Izzy at Heather’s reception! A month or so ago, I realized that Izzy had NOTHING to wear to the wedding. Unlike Ava, who is blessed with myriads of hand-me-downs, we don’t have anyone to pass clothes down to Izzy, so we have to purchase his clothes ourselves. (With occassional help from grandparents and friends, of course!) Because we go to an extremely casual church, we just did not have any reason to purchase nice clothes for him – all he had was T-shirts! Between my mother-in-law and I consignment shopping, I think we found his wedding outfit (khakis, white shirt, vest, and penny loafers) for about $5. And he was SO STINKIN’ cute in it!!! (Josh looked pretty good, too, as you can see!)

This is my favorite picture of him from that day. He was chasing the send-off bubbles, and after he “caught” one, he paused to show me “da bubbles!” Of course, they were no long there, but it made a cute picture!

Our kids have had runny noses this week. It kind of stinks, because this is our first free week in a while, and I keep thinking of all the things I need to do or could do, but we can’t really do anything for fear of exposing people to whatever germy is causing the excessive snot at our house! Of course, I’m really thankful that this happened THIS week and not LAST week, which was one of the busiest weeks EVER! So I’ve let myself rest more than usual, edited a maternity shoot, and I think I will edit a baby shoot I did about 6 weeks ago before jumping in feet first to the last two weddings I need to edit.

If anyone is curious about my cloth diapering process, here’s the down low: About 3 weeks ago or so, I found out why the diapers I had bought on e-bay were so cheap – their waterproof linings started to disentegrate. I was so frustrated; I had already fallen in love with cloth diapering (OK, I’m using the world loosely; I certainly don’t love it like I love my husband or dark chocolate M&Ms!) and I did not want to have to revert back to disposables because of the mis-hap. Fortunately, my hubby is on board with cloth, too, and it was around pay day, so we discussed it and decided that I would go ahead and buy 3 new diapers from our local cloth diaper retailer. (The same lady that did our cloth diaper consultation in December!) I also found someone who was selling some used ones on craigslist; she was in a nearby town, so I would have to wait until she decided to come here to do her shopping to get them from her. It turns out, I was able to purchase my new ones and used ones on the same day! THEN, two days later, I went to a baby consignment sale and scored two more used diapers – so now I am up to 9 quality diapers!

The new ones I purchased are Happy Heinies, and they are by far my favorites! Not only do they come in adorable prints, but they are sized a little bigger so I feel confident Izzy will be able to wear them through potty training, and they are super soft and absorbant. Four of the used ones are Bum Genius; they are fine but they have velcro instead of snaps and I’m afraid they are a little smaller. The other two we weren’t sure what brand they are! I also went ahead and purchased cloth diaper detergent; it was a little more expensive than normal detergent, but I decided it was worth it for the peace of mind that I am taking care of the diapers and should not have waterproof-ability problems again. (Although my consultant says she thinks I’ve done everything right and the problem was the cheap diapers.) So, in case anyone was wondering, that is where we are in the cloth diapering journey! Hopefully next month will lead us to a few new diapers and a wet bag to carry in the diaper bag! Want to check out my consultant’s site?

OK, I feel like I should end this on a different note than diapers…hmmmm…I got nothing!


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