Project 365: 288 – 292

Ava’s Special Day

So this year…I didn’t throw Ava an official birthday party. I know, I know, it’s terrible, she’s starting preschool and getting invited to all the other kids birthday parties…but her birthday was the day after the busiest weekend of the year (it seemed like), and we’re busy…and tired…and broke.

So, instead, we just tried to make her birthday really special! She started off her day with a chocolate doughnut…

Josh’s original plan was to come home from work at lunch time (he doesn’t typically take a lunch break, and if he does he NEVER comes home!) and surprise Ava and take her to the restaurant of her choice. Instead, he ended up taking a sick day (he had the same thing that the kids had), but he was still able to take her to Chic-Fil-A.

That evening, Gwiny and Izzy came over (did I mention that Tiffany’s family is back??? THEY’RE BACK!!!) and we had dinner (Ava chose homemade pizza) and then did pedicures for the girls.

OK, so I don’t have a foot spa, but a casserole dish is almost as good, right???

Then we shared a small birthday cake with our guests.

As gung-ho as I am about making all of my own desserts from scratch, I totally dropped the ball with Ava’s cake and ended up buying one from the Wal-Mart bakery the night before. But to justify it, the only way I could have made her something would have been if she watched me make it, the cake looked like a princess, which is far better than anything I could do, and it’s small size meant that we didn’t have to deal with any dessert leftovers that we really didn’t need!

After being patient ALLLL day, Ava finally go to open her presents at bed time! Her goodies included…

some handmade winter wear from Gramma…

…and Beauty and the Beast from Mommy and Daddy! (It came out of the Disney Vault at just the right time!) And, yes, in case you’re wondering, Ava picked her birthday outfit. It was decidedly pink.

The fun continued the following Saturday when Ava’s Gigi and four youngest aunts came to go pumpkin hunting with us! Which means that, of course, there will be pumpkin pictures to come!


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