Project 365: Days 299 – 303


Two dangerous vigilantes have escaped from Never Never Land and are at large.

One of these rebels is known as Peter Pan and is known for happy thoughts, exchanging thimbles for kisses, and not growing up. The other, which goes by Tinker Bell, is known for accompanying Pan and lighting up like a firefly.

The rebels in question were seen at numerous locations today. Sightings included

on horseback at a church fall festival,

in a restaurant,

associating with a suspicious lady bug and ninja,

and eating cookies at a co-worker’s Halloween party.

Citizens should beware that these characters are still at large. They may be considered armed and dangerous; they have fairy dust and are not afraid to use it.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of these dangerous rebels, please inform Captain James T. Hook as soon as possible. Thank you.


3 thoughts on “Project 365: Days 299 – 303

  1. LOL what a cute way of sharing your Halloween happenings. 🙂 Keep us updated! Hope they’re found and caught soon! n_n Can I borrow some of Tink’s fairy dust, though? 😉

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