Project 365: Days 304 – 310

Do you ever wonder how I keep up with what day(s) of Project 365 I’m on? Well, probably not. But in case you are, I’d be happy to tell you. I count with my fingers. First, I look at the date of my last entry and count (on my fingers!) from that day to the current day to see how many pictures I will need. Then, I look at the last day of Project 365 and count on my fingers the number of pictures that I know I need to see what actual days (between 1 and 365) I will be doing. Of course, if I have missed over 10 days, it gets a little more tricky, but otherwise it’s a good method. I tell you this for three reasons A) I just counted on my fingers, and therefore it is on my mind, B) If you notice that I have errors in my days…well, you could see how this could easily happen, and C) I have to show off my smarts and make my parents proud, seeing how they paid for that degree that I worked so hard for!

OK, enough with the prelude, today’s post is officially entitled…

A Tale of Two Pumpkins

(I thought I was done blogging pumpkins. But I’m not. And I can’t promise that I’ll be done after this. They just keep coming back.)

So, last year, I got the bright idea to make a pumpkin pie. From an actual pumpkin, not a can. I did this for Thanksgiving, and it was actually pretty awesome! I had bought two pie pumpkins (because I had no idea how many pumpkins go into pumpkin pie!) and ended up only using one. I was dead set on going ahead and puree-ing up the other one to use for another project…but life happened…and you know…poor thing just rotted.

So this year, I got a head start on pumpkin-goodness in hopes to redeem the last poor pie pumpkin that rotted. At my monthly grocery trip (which I was graciously allowed to do WITHOUT the kids this time!) I purchased two pie pumpkins. Wednesday evening I had committed to bring a dessert to a church function that would involve pumpkins, so Wednesday morning the kids and I got to work.

I’m not going to include every detail in the making of pumpkin glop, because I would much rather you use the instructional website that I used. It is very detailed, speaks in layman’s terms, has good pictures, etc., and credit shall go where credit is due! Check out for lots of tips on pumpkin goodness!

OK, so we started out with two ordinary pie pumpkins.

(One of them is obviously not pictured! And yes, these are old T-shirts waiting to be turned into cloth wipes, but in the mean time they certainly serve a purpose!)

I cut the pumpkins in “half” and the kids assisted me with scooping out the guts and seeds.

As you can see, Izzy was so zealous about his job that he proceeded to return the seeds to the pumpkin when he was done!

While the kids were filling, I mean cleaning, the second pumpkin, I proceeded to prepare the first pumpkin for cooking. If any of you are going to use the website linked to above to make your own pumpkin glop, I cooked mine in the microwave (yes, in this plastic mixing bowl with a cover!), and 17 minutes in my microwave worked out perfectly.

After cooking, I was able to scoop the pumpkin right out of the skin and drop it into my blender.

After blending, this is what we ended up with!

Which I separated into one cup portions. The bags went in the freezer, the container I would use later that day. Again, if you are trying this at home, the website claims that each pumpkin yields 3 cups of pumpkin glop; I guess my pumpkins were a little smaller, becaues I only got 4 1/2 cups of pumpkin total. Which means, with all the pumpkin recipes I have planned, I may be cooking up another pumpkin before the month is through!

OK, so now the good stuff! The recipe I had picked for that night’s event was…

Pillowy Soft Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies. Oh. my. goodness. Click on that link NOW and make this immediately! (I think my links may sometimes be the same color as my text – that is a link if you hover your mouse over the name of the cookies!) They are SO good. I think I finished off the 5 that were leftover all in one day! I mean seriously, even if you’re using canned pumpkin, even if you’re using a butternut squash, DO IT! (At least, if you like the way pumpkin bread tastes, do it!) And that’s all I’m going to say about THAT!


3 thoughts on “Project 365: Days 304 – 310

  1. I made some the other day too! But I didn’t go through all the hard work of the pumpkin…I bought it in a can so I’m sure yours tasted a little better — but seriously like the best cookies ever!!!

  2. I made pumpkin chocolate chips about a month ago, and they were amazing! They were soft like muffins more than a cookie, yum!

  3. @mommashannon – I have to give you credit for the cookies as well – I saw that you recommended the blog entry with that recipe which is why I checked it out! Somehow in that process, I ended up suscribed to that blog – I can’t look at it every day, it makes me want to drop everything and cook!

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