Project 365 – Days 311 & 312

Stream of Conscienceness Post

~ In the process of giving my page a much needed face lift (I mean, my profile picture was from when I was pregnant with Izzy over 2 years ago!) I discovered that I can have an archive displayed on my page – yay!!! I’ve often thought about swapping to blogspot just so that I can have that archive, I’m not gonna lie, and it turns out that I could have it on xanga all along! So now if you scroll down, you will find my archive of my blog in the right hand column, just in case you just HAVE to see what I had to say in November, 2007! (Oh, and if you’re wondering, the new profile picture is from our Tennessee trip in June!)

~ Despite the awesome-ness of Xanga allowing me to have an archive, I am a little frustrated that it won’t let me use bullet points. Weird.

~ The kids still have colds! Ava went for her 4 year old check-up last Monday, and when I told the doctor that she had been having green mucus and a cough for 3 weeks, he went ahead and put her on Amoxicillan for 10 days. I asked him if we should go ahead and do the same for Izzy, but he decided that since Izzy’s symptoms started after hers did and didn’t seem to be so severe, he would wait a week before prescribing him an antibiotic. Izzy developed fever over the weekend and started pulling on his ear, so I took him back into the doctor today, and it was confirmed that his cold has turned into an ear infection. So, now, guess what Izzy gets? Amoxicillan for 10 days!

(He’s still a handsome little booger! Don’t look too close at his shirt; apparently it is a magnet for dog hair!)

~ My parents blessed us by keeping Ava over the weekend. We did…nothing! I cuddled my sick baby and we got much needed rest! Quite blissful!

~ I have one wedding for 2010 left to edit!!! Problem is, I only have a week to edit it! Ahhhh! Oh well, I reckon I can put in a few more late nights before taking my “maternity leave” from wedding photography, hmmm?

~ In the process of editing the last wedding that I edited (got that?) I learned a new trick! Adding texture to a picture! The reception was decorated with jars of lavendar. I really wanted to do something special with them, but wasn’t sure what to do; it is not really condusive to selective color since it is so dark. Then MckMama posted a tutorial on how to add texture to a picture. (Swing on over to her blog if you want lots of fun, faith, food, and photography!) Ah hah! Lavendar has great texture, and I’ve been wanting to learn how to do this, anyway – I’ve noticed some of the more artsy photographers doing similar tricks. SO – here is what I ended up with:

Of course, this definitely falls into the artsy category, and I wouldn’t necessarily order an 8 x 10 of it or anything, but I was pretty pleased with the results! The texture is created with a cropped down close-up of the lavendar. I did run into one problem with MckMama’s tutorial – she uses the eraser tool if there is a part of the picture that she doesn’t want the texture on, and my Photoshop CS3 isn’t letting me do that. Is it because she has Lightroom and I’m using Photoshop, or am I doing something wrong, photographer friends?

~ God is good! I know that is a little random, but this entry is decidedly random! In past weeks I’ve been feeling stifled spiritually. I’m at a pivotal point in parenting, it seems, with Ava being at the almost Pre-K stage which means that she is old enough to learn so much more and needs so much more structure than she did before, and Izzy is getting to a stage where I need to really introduce some discipline in his life, and I don’t feel spiritually equipped for this! I have been feeling isolated and a little helpless. At first, I’ll admit it, I sort of mentally blamed my church. We don’t have a lot of families that are in the same life stage as us, therefore there aren’t many mommies to compare notes with, pray with, hold each other accountable, etc. We aren’t big enough or prepared enough yet to have an effective family ministry – we have no small groups for adults geared toward family topics and issues, nor do we really have any activities to disciple children other than the Sunday School that is given them while the adults are in the worship hour on Sundays.

In recent days, I have come to realize that, although these are issues that my church will deal with as it grows and seeks God’s guidance for its ministry, it is not my church’s fault that I am in a spiritual/parenting rut! If I feel lonely and isolated, I can only begin to imagine how missionary families in, say, Siberia, with NO other Christian families for miles, must feel! But they don’t let themselves get into a spiritual rut! I cannot let the blame for anything in my personal life fall on anyone but myself.

One thing I have realized is that my prayer life has gotten to be very shallow. I read my Bible in the morning (still working on reading it through in a year – not much left to go!), and I habitually pray during that time, but my prayers are shallow, self-seeking, and to be honest, I have a hard time focusing. God led me to a blog this weekend (OK, my procrastination might have helped a little!), and I read the story of Angie Smith, who blogged the process of the loss of their daughter. (Just a warning – if you go to this blog, and I do recommend it, and you go back and start reading the story from the beginning, which I do recommend, and especially if you are pregnant, which I am, you will most likely cry. and cry. and cry.) One thing that God convicted me of while I was reading was my lack of prayer. For spiritual guidance. For my children. For my husband. For my friends. For our WorldVision sponsor child (more on her later!) and other hurting children. For my church.

So, I am hoping to start a journey of prayer. The prayer journal, which has been stuffed deep under my bed, is coming back out. I don’t know if I’m going to implement specific methods or what, but my hope is that my prayer life will become so much deeper and richer than before. And that, perhaps in that process, I’ll begin to sense some guidance in some steps to parenting. Who knows, maybe in the process God will guide me to a group of local Chirstian mommies, too!

And that, my friends, is all the randomness I can muster, for today!


One thought on “Project 365 – Days 311 & 312

  1. Love the new look! Aww…I hope the kiddos feel better soon. I totally know what you mean when you feel like no one else is at the same point in life at your church, we are the same way. Though we don’t have children yet, we are very close to that point and the other couple closest to our age just graduated college, all the rest of the couples could be my parents. Though we still hang out with them and have a ton of fun! I just have to keep reminding myself that it is not “the church’s” job to fulfill us because we are the church. I hope your praying plans go well, I need to work on my prayer life as well, it’s always the last thing you think about (at least for me!).

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