Project 365: Days 318 – 325

Hello, blog world! I have thought of working on Project 365 daily, but have failed to do it until now! Truth be told, it’s been an “off week” at the Linker house. I would say a “rough week,” but I’m not sure if it was quite bad enough to call it that. Anyway, here’s some bullets to catch you up.

~ Back-tracking to Veteran’s Day, we also visited Daddy’s office, which was a treat for the kids! Since Josh works in the capital building, we don’t ever go see him at work. I mean, it would involve driving downtown, paying for parking, having to cross at least one street with two small children to get to the building, and taking the elevator to the 8th floor. That’s OK, I’ll pass. So the kids didn’t really know what it’s like for Daddy when he goes to work…until now…

Izzy immediately got to work. He shares his father’s love for technology.

Here’s Ava strategizing Daddy’s next move in the program that he’s working on. From what you can tell by the pictures already drawn by his co-workers, it’s a complicated thing!

Also, while we were out and about downtown, the kids discovered a tree that appealed to them. They were far more entertained with this tree than anything else they saw that day.

OK, so there are all things Veterans Day that I failed to include before.

~ Last Sunday I did a series of mini-photo shoots to support foreign missions. My denomination traditionally gives to foreign/overseas missions at Christmas time. I had been bummed out because, not earning an income and everything, I did not really have anything to give this year. Then it dawned on me (I guess God helped me out!) that I do have something to give: photography. Not that I’m an amazing photographer or anywhere near one, but I have spent the last year developing that part of my life, and what better way to use it than to give it to God! So I offered, through but not limited to my church, holiday mini-shoots. I was so blessed to have 6 families turn out that day! And thanks to some wonderful people who went beyond the suggested donation of $15, was able to make over $100 for missions! I’m humbled to be able to contribute in this way! (Of course, I have 6 shoots to edit between now and next Sunday – but they are called mini-shoots for a reason!)

~ Last Sunday night, thankfully AFTER all the photo shoots, I was hit with the Linker Bug. I’m going to call it that because Izzy had thrown up part of the night on Saturday, so he apparently started it for us. For me it was pretty much a 24 hour deal. Hubby was very, very wonderful and took a sick day on Monday to take care of the kids, which was a huge blessing because I was in no condition to parent. I seriously can’t remember the last time I’ve had a “sick day” where I’m allowed to only care for myself. Of course, it stinks to be sick, but being able to be sick without being responsible for changing diapers, preparing meals, and disciplining…well, that was awesome!

~ Although I was better on Tuesday, it took me a couple days to start to feel like myself again. Maybe it’s because I’m pregnant…OK, I’ll blame it on that! Also, I must be getting sick backwards, because now I seem to be getting the kids’ cough. Ummmm…yeah.

~ On Wednesday, Cynthia was a dear and came over to dye my hair. (My roots were starting to look quite gross!) At the same time, Tiffany and her girls ended up stopping by for a little bit. Cynthia and Tiffany’s babies are really close in age, I think they are two weeks apart, and this was their first “play date” together!

They are February babies, which means that our new baby will be pretty much exactly a year behind them! Do I hear a big birthday bash in the future?

Ava decided to love on Aurora probably much more than Aurora wanted to be loved on. I guess that comes with being a super cute baby!

~ Just when I thought I should really be doing better physically, on Thursday I went in to have my glucose tested. (Yep, it’s that time in my pregnancy!) The tech who drew my blood must have hit a nerve…my arm was in serious throbbing pain for the rest of the day! It was at that point I decided to call the week a total wash. And I propped up my arm. And probably ate M&Ms.

~ Friday, I finally felt like myself! The arm was doing much better, and I actually felt good enough to put on real clothes. (As opposed to the sweats I had been wearing all week.) Izzy and I made a trip to Wal-Mart while Ava was at preschool, which is typically a horrible experience, but it turned out great! I typically have to wrestle Izzy into the cart, where he does NOT want to be, and spend the rest of my time with him screaming and trying to get out of the cart. (And he doesn’t always want to walk, either…he wants to be carried, which, well, I just can’t do.) This time, he wanted to walk, and I let him, and he did great! I was very pleasantly surprised! It’s amazing and sad all at the same time to see how big he’s getting!

Ava’s preschool is preparing for Thanksgiving by learning about Pilgrims and Indians (I know Indian isn’t PC, and I think the teachers do say Native Americans at least part of the time, but Indians…well, have just stuck). She doesn’t usually get to go to on Fridays, but she got to go this past Friday because of the school being closed on Thanksgiving, and she got to participate in a pow-wow and a buffalo hunt! (Not sure EXACTLY how the buffalo hunt went down, but when asked to demonstrate she started crawling around, and informed me that she had found the yummiest buffalo!)

This is what I brought home with me:

And since we weren’t **ahem** scheduled to have baths until the next night, the paint stayed on her face for two days!

~ I finished editing the last wedding of the year!!!!! (Well, it was the next-to-last wedding that I shot, but the last one I had to edit!) It was picked up on Saturday, and I am so relieved to be done! Now I have some photo books to build and am anticipating receiving several print lists from brides in the next couple weeks, since I know they want to give people wedding pictures as Christmas presents!

~ We finally sold our old couch (Josh got us a used sectional for my birthday back in April – it’s awesome!) so I now have some money to buy Josh’s Christmas present!!! I had the couch on craigslist for a couple months, and nobody had even come out to look at it. This was surprising and discouraging to me; I had never had trouble selling a piece of furniture before, and I had been banking on being able to use the sale of the couch to buy a gift for Josh. (We do have a Christmas budget for other people, but so far in our marriage I have avoided asking Josh for money for his own gift, and I would like to keep it that way when possible. Plus, even if I did ask for money, we don’t really have it, anyway!) Finally, Saturday morning, we had a buyer! Of course, Josh loaded it and unloaded it for the lady, so he actually put some work into his Christmas present, but, you know… I know it sounds silly to praise God over a couch selling, but it really is a huge blessing!

~ We are keeping one of Josh’s little sisters, Stacey, until we go “home” for Thanksgiving. Last year, we kept her over Thanksgiving break, and things went so well, I wanted her back this year! We’re having a good time! (We didn’t get her until Friday, so she didn’t have to go through all the Linker Bug/gross hair roots/bum arm stuff.)

OK, that probably is a lot longer and more detailed than anyone was wanting, but there it is. I realize that I have not updated any of my actual photography pictures in a while…that is partially on purpose, this was beginning to feel like a photography blog, and that’s not what I want its focus to be. I’m sure I will start catching up on some of my more “professional” work eventually!


2 thoughts on “Project 365: Days 318 – 325

  1. You have the most beautiful children, just so you know! :DI miss you guys like crazy. I’m going home next weekend for the Christmas on the Square thing, so long as work doesn’t come back to bite me in the butt. I’ve already asked to see if I can just work straight through the week or whatever to have Saturday AND Sunday off, as opposed to just Sunday. That way I can travel home after work ends at 2 PM on Friday. My Sweetie has said he may come too. I’m excited about that! :DHope to see you guys soon! Give me a call when you’re ready to discuss stocking stuffers for mom and dad. 🙂 Thanks!Love you, sis,~*Akarui Mitsukai*~

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