Project 365: Days 360 – 363

Only two days left of my project! Oh no! I’m going to need a new blogging project! Any suggestions? (I’m also going to need a new Bible reading plan, and am open to suggestions for that, too! I don’t necessarily want to read it through in a year again this time around, but I do need something to structure my Bible reading.)

We had a great time having Christmas with Gigi’s family on Sunday.

We were blessed to have Josh’s two adult sisters there at the same time…I think I can count on one hand how many days all of us have been together this year! We went to church together, had a nice, big meal, exchanged gifts… and…

…it snowed! Now, don’t tell me you can’t see the snow in this picture! CLEARLY, something is wrong with your eyes and you should get that checked pronto! OK, so maybe the flurries weren’t strong enough to get a good picture…but I promise you, there was some frozen and fluffy precipitation! Actually, the first snow I’ve seen since I moved south of Atlanta over 10 years ago. And it was practically on Christmas!

So, now we are back home! We brought Dana, Josh’s 9 year old sister with us, and are having a great time! The kids adore their aunt, and I definitely don’t mind having someone to help herd them around! Monday when we got back to town we hit some after Christmas sales. My goal was to find a Nativity set that I like. (The one we have I believe cost $2, is very small, and has no shepherds. I want me some shepherds. ) Well, we didn’t find a nativity, but we did find wrapping paper, ribbon, paper muffin cups, and food gift containers for next year, an undated Baby’s First Christmas ornament that I can use for the new baby, and not one, not two, but THREE bags of dark chocolate Christmas colored M&Ms!!! (By combining those with the three bags I received as Christmas gifts, I think I have enough M&Ms to get me by until the baby comes!)

Yesterday, Dana was begging me to give her some kind of project to do, and I did not want to disappoint, but I was also coming down with a cold and didn’t have much energy to think or dig through supplies. We compromised with an edible project; I have Christmas cookie cutters, but Ava and I never had time to make our traditional Christmas sugar cookies. Well, as I said before, my Christmas season lasts until New Years, so it was not too late! The girls got to work, and ended up with a colorful collection!

So, get ready, Gigi…more cookies are coming to your house!

Then, the girls went to get ready for bed…

…leaving Izzy unattended with ALL those cookies! Hmmmm…what to do???

I do want to give you a linky to Wilton’s sugar cookie recipe because it is THAT awesome…I love it because you don’t have to chill the dough, which I would never remember to do, anyway! Super easy and quick! Now, I can’t really give you an icing recipe b/c I just kind of make it, but basically, melt a stick of margarine, stir in about a teaspoon vanilla, stir in about 2 cups of confectioners sugar (I just eyeball all of this), and add sugar or water until it is the consistency you want. Split into a bowl for each color and add your food coloring!

I am working this week on catching up on editing some old shoots before my New Years wedding. I just finished a newborn shoot that is totally scrumptious, but I’m embarrassed about how long it took me to get to it! (Let’s just say that the baby has passed several milestones by now!) BUT, I am one shoot away from being caught up with all editing (except for editing for immediate family)!!! I have decided to send my camera off to be serviced after my last scheduled shoot before the baby on January 15th. I haven’t had any problems with the camera or shutter, but I want to be proactive and get the shutter replaced and the camera checked on BEFORE next year’s weddings, and my “maternity leave” will be the best time to do it!

Did you know I’m having a baby in less than two months? Yeah, it sort of blows my mind, too!


4 thoughts on “Project 365: Days 360 – 363

  1. Im sorry, I am so behind on your blog but what was your project about? I think that its awesome that you read your Bible in a year, I was thinking about maybe starting something like that in this upcoming year read through the whole Bible in order. I like to read books and do like a chapter a night followed by prayer and worship. Did you learn something from project 365? What was your motivation to start doing it?

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