Week 3’s “Sweet” in Bullets

There are times that I forget the sweet things in life, and yesterday was one of those times. We spent the morning with the kids fighting over their new Christmas toys. This is not typical, they usually share, or atleast co-exist, pretty well with only occassional sharing-related skirmishes. I knew that I should find a craft or something that could occupy them and remove them from the causes of their conflicts, but I was drawing a blank! We spent the afternoon at the O.B. office – which, you know is ALWAYS fun with two kids, especially the appointments that they tell you to strip down, and then they leave you waiting for at least half an hour in that state. By the time we were done, I was too exhausted and hungry to even attempt to go to church.

So, today is a new day, and I knew that I needed to deliberately look for some sweet things in life, if for no other reason, so that I’d have some material for this blog! So here are some of the sweet things I have thought of:

~It’s pretty SWEET that, when we were preparing a meal for a friend who had a surgery last Friday, Izzy and Ava worked together to make some cookies!

This was Izzy’s first time showing interest in our baking, and I was pleasantly surprised that they shared a chair to stand on and didn’t fight while stirring together. (They definitely got stickers on the “Sharing” chart for that!)

The cookies were pretty SWEET, too! This isn’t a Supermom post, but I will note here that, for someone like me who likes the flavor of gingerbread, but doesn’t like the hardness of gingerbread cookies, Betty Crocker’s Soft Molasses Cookies are the perfect compromise, and a great way to use up some of the leftovers of baking supplies purchased for Christmas projects! (Or at least, they were for me!)

~ It’s pretty SWEET that I got to meet my December couple on Saturday for their engagement shoot, as well as their gorgeous 5 year old daughter!

~ It’s pretty SWEET that, on the way home from the shoot, I stopped at an Outlet Mall and found Josh a pair of jeans for $15 and a pair of khakis for $8! Josh is sort of an awkward size (he is right in-between the regular men’s sizes and the big and tall sizes), so it is not often that pants that fit him can be acquired so inexpensively! It’s also pretty SWEET that I was able to nab a bunch of fun socks for me for super cheap!

Maybe someday I’ll write a Silly post regarding my relationship with my socks!

~ It’s pretty SWEET that Tuesday night I got to meet my June couple and sign a contract with them! We have been communicating about me shooting their wedding for almost a year, but this is the first time we’ve been able to meet! The bride is due to have a little boy 4 days after our baby is due, so I feel like we have a pretty good connection right now!

~ It’s pretty SWEET that I am in the process of setting up a consultation with my August bride! If all goes well, I will have 5 weddings for 2011, and that is ALL I plan to do!

~ It’s pretty SWEET that I found out yesterday that the baby is in the position he/she needs to be, and I’m already a teeny-tiny bit dialated!

~ That being said, it’s pretty SWEET that Izzy gets to be my baby, and THE baby, for a little while longer!

~ It’s pretty SWEET that my hubby single-handedly took care of the kids’ bedtime process last night so that I could remain glued to the couch. It’s also pretty SWEET that he then went and got me a Wendy’s Frosty. But the “frosties” that Josh makes at home are even SWEETER, so I’m going to only be putting in requests for those from here on out.

~ It’s pretty SWEET that Ava goes to preschool on Tuesday and Thursday mornings! For me, it’s a time to catch up on housework and read Izzy his Lightning McQueen book at least a couple times. For Izzy, it’s a time to play with those new Christmas toys without being disturbed!

~ It’s pretty SWEET that I have a clean kitchen right now. That’s not always the case!

~ It’s pretty SWEET that I still have one bottle of my favorite hand soap EVER!

I’ll enjoy it while I can, b/c once it’s gone, I’ll have to wait until the next Christmas season to buy any more!

~ It’s pretty SWEET to see the paper chain that our family made to count down to the new baby’s E.T.A. (Not my idea!)

It looks long right now, but I know that it’s going to be gone in no time!


2 thoughts on “Week 3’s “Sweet” in Bullets

  1. I love the smell of winter candy apple 🙂 Glad you enjoyed today with your littles — those cookies look wonderful! I plan on taking time tomorrow to make sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies! But will have to send hubby out for milk 😮 Your children are sooo beautiful!

  2. Fun post! Having to sit in any drs. office with kids is crazy! I had to pick up dental records today and they weren’t ready when I got there.. w/ my two kids who ended up running around and making a lot of noise – for an hour…; while we waited! ugh!!! i can only imagine how exhausted you are right now!

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