Sunday Silliness (Week 3)

First of all, I forgot a major “Sweet” thing that I meant to put in my last post! My pastor and his wife volunteered to watch our kids last Monday night so that we could use a restaurant gift certificate they had given us for Christmas…so we were able to squeeze in one more fancy date before this baby comes! Very, very SWEET, in more ways than one! (I mean, the Key Lime pie…whoa!)

I’m a day late with my Silly post because my parents were super wonderful and came to stay with me while Josh was out-of-town for a business trip. So I watched Ballet Shoes with my mom last night instead of blogging. Yeah, you would have done it, too!

Everyone has quirks, I am sure. So I figured, for my Silly post, I would take the plunge and be a little transparent about my oddities. You know, this is one of those we-are-all-human-so-we-shouldn’t-feel-so-bad-about-ourselves type posts…once you know some weird things about me, you won’t feel nearly as bad about yourself, which means I will have accomplished something for the good of mankind today! So, in bullets, here are some weird things about Kara:

~ I don’t use my dishwasher. Ever. When Josh and I got married, we didn’t have a dishwasher in our first apartment, so of course I had to wash all my dishes by hand. However, since then, we have lived two places that have had dishwashers, and I never, ever used either one of them. “But why?” you ask! My reasoning goes something like this: I find dishwashing to be a rather soothing experience; If I wash every day (which I really should) then there really won’t be that many dishes to wash at a time; Surely it saves us a little on our electricity bill!; Half of my dishes/pots/cooking utensils are cheap plastic or odd shaped and therefore wouldn’t be put in the dishwasher anyway; I trust myself to clean something more than I trust the dishwasher; etc, etc. But really and truly? It’s the way I’ve always done it, and if I ever started using the dishwasher, I’m sure I would love it and never go back!

~ I have public bathroom anxiety. We’ll just leave that one right there!

~ I cannot multi-task or concentrate on multiple things at one time. I also cannot concentrate on reading something or listening to someone talking if there is background noise (like another person’s conversation or the television.) The more children I have, the more noticeable and frustrating this characteristic is becoming! Am I the only mother who has to take extreme measures to get my preschoolers to be quiet just so I can think???

~ I like to wait until all of my towels have been used before I wash them. Since we were super blessed with LOTS of towels as wedding presents, that means that I end up having to wash about 5 loads of towels on “towel day.” And almost every time, Josh says, “We should wash towels more often.” We probably should.

~ I could eat a cheeseburger every day and be perfectly happy. I don’t know if that’s a quirk or not, but there it is. (I also could eat M&Ms every day…oh wait, I do!)

~ I make A LOT of lists. To-do lists. Grocery lists. Menus. Packing lists. Gift lists (particularly around Christmas.) After writing a list, I immediately feel less stress, even though I have not actually done anything that’s on the list yet. Losing a list before all the items are checked off can be a major crisis. And, yes, in accordance with one of the quirks above, I have to have complete silence so that I can write my list!

~ In my opinion, holiday M&Ms taste better than regular M&Ms. (Christmas colors are the best, but Easter colors are not far behind!) Dark chocolate M&Ms are the best, unless they are competing with holiday M&Ms. Therefore, dark chocolate M&Ms in holiday colors are THE best M&Ms. Period.

~ I may not always “agree” with it (agree in quotes b/c I’m not sure what I would be agreeing/disagreeing with! I just mean that the writers are writing from a worldview/angle that I do not share!), but I watch Glee (on-line b/c my kids are still awake when it comes on, and regardless of what anyone says, it is NOT kid/family friendly!). I also, for the most part, really like the music; it is on my Pandora station (right there with David Crowder and SuperChick) and I have three of the albums which I am known to play pretty regularly. THERE. If nothing else in the post made you feel better about yourself, I’m sure that did!

OK, that’s enough Silliness for this Sunday afternoon! I am proud to “announce” that one other person has jumped on my Blog-Project-That-Doesn’t-Really-Have-a-Name-but-Involves-Posting-Three-Times-a-Week bandwagon, so I guess we really do have a bandwagon now! So hop on over to Jen’s blog to check out her version of the…well, I’m not going to type all that again! She just introduced a new category, Skinny Saturday, and although I am not going to be able to make any weightloss related posts for a couple months, I know some of you might be interested! ::Edit – NOT because any of you need to lose weight! Just because some of you are interested in eating right and exercising! Have I covered my tail now???:: (She has friends’ lock, but says she’s not opposed to meeting new people. )

Happy Sunday!


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