‘Tis so sweet…to have good girlfriends! (Week 4)

Last week, I had a blast taking “1 Year Pictures” of my two favorite almost-one-year-olds, Aurora (Cynthia’s daughter) and Emma (Tiffany’s daughter.) They both have February birthdays, about 5 days apart from each other, and I wanted to be sure to get some sweet pics of them now just-in-case my own February bambino comes a little early! Since we met at a park with a playground, mine and Tiffany’s older kids also benefited from the shoot! Since I am writing about friendship, I thought that these pics might be fun to use!

I remember being a kid, and friendship being a really big deal. And I remember that everyone had a “best” friend…except for me! (Although I did, from time-to-time, have friends that referred to me as their “best” friend, or had friends that I referred to as my “best” friend, I would, eventually, grow apart from that person, either because we were separated physically, or because she had another strong friendship that became more convenient.) And I think, that, in the stress I created for myself in worrying about whether or not I truly had a “best” friend, I missed for so many years how beautiful it is to have a group of GOOD friends! And now, at the young, impressionable age of 24, I am finally able to see the beauty of the friendships that I am blessed to be able to be a part of!

I read an article in a periodical of psychology of very high reputation (or maybe it was Parenting magazine…) on the “6 Friends Every Mom Needs” some time ago. Although I’ve never really thought of friendship in categories before, I was amazed, once I did think about it, how true it was! And I am, so very very blessed, to have such beautiful, amazing friends, some of them mothers, some of them not, to come along side me and offer their friendship! So, I guess this post is just to, well, gush, about how much I appreciate them, and how much I appreciate the fact that the end of grade school is not the end of having girlfriends. Because, truth be told, I appreciate my friendships much more now than I ever did as a child or even as a teenager.

I have been blessed with out-of-town friends who still keep in touch and care about my family…and I probably will write a whole post dedicated to them later on! But, today, I am thinking about the friendships God has given me here, where I am. Each lady is so unique and incredible, and for some reason, they still hang out with me!

Case in Point #1: Wednesday, I had a doctor’s appointment, and even though I can take the kids with me, after my previous week’s experience, I did not want to take them with me. Tiffany had originally planned to keep my kiddos, but 2 out of her 3 kids woke up sick that morning. So I contacted Melanie at the last minute, and she said, “Sure, bring them over!” Josh and I had lunch together, went to the doctor, AND pre-registered for the hospital, and because it was the 2 of us, it actually was an enjoyable experience! (AND we actually were able to discuss baby names…so if we have a girl, she may have a name after all!)

Case in Point #2: Wednesday, while going to the store to pick up tissues and such for her sick family, Tiffany calls me to see if I need anything while she’s out. She knew I was getting low on food and didn’t want me to have to go out to just buy a few things.

Case in Point #3: I was having trouble coordinating my family’s wardrobe last night (Why were you coordinating your wardrobe? you ask? You will see at a later date!), so I contact Jackie, who at the last minute spontaneously comes over to helps me, and ends up taking me to the mall to help me pick up a few things we determined we needed.

Case in Point #4: Cynthia has made arrangements for her family to be taken care of at a moment’s notice just so she can hang out with us at the hospital while I’m in labor. (Well, it will be like “hanging out…” but probably a lot less fun!) Who needs a doula when you have an awesome friend?!

OK, so that is just 4 examples of how 4 of my “BFFs” here in town have blessed me this week! Now, don’t tell me that friendship does not get sweeter with age!


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