More Sunday Silliness (Week 4)

This is going to be a potpourri of silliness.


A Fun Ava Conversation from the Week

Ava: (seeing the bag of M&Ms that I had obviously been eating during her nap time) Mommy, I don’t think these are a good snack.
Me: Why not?
Ava: I think they are more appropriate for dessert.


A Sweet Trick Played on Silly-Old-Me

Last night, I was headed to a girls’ night at my friend Jackie’s apartment. Or so I thought. I arrived to find about three times more people than I was expecting, including one of my out-of-town BFFs, Lauren, and they were there to have a shower for Baby Linker #3! How incredibly thoughtful! It was a lot of fun, and we are SO blessed to have received so many of the cloth diapers we are registered for! Now, go back to that last Sweet post, because I would like to continue to gush, gush, gush about how great my friends are!


Some Info You Might Need to Know
in case of surprise baby shower!

~ A baby swan is called a cygnet. Knowing this might just win you a Butterfinger! (A baby eel is called an elver. Yeah, none of us knew that.)
~ It’s about 15 toilet paper squares around my tummy. Actually, I did not count the squares, but if you need to know how big around I am, ask Kathy. She got the Butterfinger.
~ They make tattoos for cakes now. It’s pretty cool!
~ Kittens love playing with the plastic party table cloths, providing hours of entertainment both for guests and kitty alike!
~ You put 10-ish moms in a room together at a baby shower, and birth stories are going to come out. Why be shy, anyway???
~ My friends are awesome! OK, that wasn’t silly, but you know…gush, gush, gush!


Some Info You Would be Perfectly Fine Not Knowing
but I will tell you, anyway!

~ We are down to one chewable Maalox…and I don’t have the time to shop for more until Tuesday. Tuesday, people! Do you realize how far Tuesday is away for an 8 month prego mommy with a burning esophagus??? (mmmmk, we might have to build some Monday shopping time into this equation…)
~ There’s a mole (large freckle?) below my belly button that I don’t like. There, I said it. I tell you this now, because I’m going to show you something later this week (probably, you know, if I remember and all that,) and I figured maybe it won’t bother me as much if everyone already knows about the large freckle (that sounds better!) Don’t worry, it won’t be anything to get my blog racey ratings!


2 thoughts on “More Sunday Silliness (Week 4)

  1. Oh honey, you haven’t seen a mole until you’ve seen the one on my back! It’s at least the size of a quarter and dark too. (Don’t worry I’ve had it checked, but it’s crazy big!) I have moles and freckles all over the place, they are normal, so don’t be scared!

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