The Silliest Pictures I Could Take This Week (week 5)

…b/c my mother-in-law was sad that my past two silly posts contained no pictures.

Ava Conversation of the Week

(Taking place at the Chick-Fil-A indoor playground. Ava is up in one of the tubes playing with a random 4 year old boy, so I cannot see her, I can only hear her.)

Ava: I don’t like you because I already have a boyfriend. Skylar’s not my friend, but he’s going to be my boyfriend, because he has a little sister and I have a little brother.

(I was mortified! And, just in case you were wondering, we do NOT have girlfriend/boyfriend talk at our house, so THIS infiltrated from somewhere else.)

We Support Classic Literature

Raggedy Ann definitely needed The Voyage of the Dawn Treader read to her!

My Newest, er, Helper!

I had the opportunity to watch our friend Isabel one day this week (who also goes by Izzy, so I spent the entire day confusing her!), so I had a new victim, I mean helper, in the kitchen! What, you want to know what we made together??? Another post, my friend, another post.

Izzy Linker, M.D.

Ava was pretty sick yesterday. I have determined that it was some sort of 24 hour deal because she seems to have made a full recovery today. Howsomever, she spent yesterday laying around, which is extremely outside of her nature, so I know she felt horrible! Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, for her, Izzy decided that no sibling should have to lay around alone.

Yeah, I got her all situated with the emergency throw-up trash can right next to her, and then look where he decides to lay!

An hour or so later, Ava moves to her bed. Someone else follows suit…

I think he’s decided that there are perks to having a sick sibling, because not only does he get to lay around with her (which, unlike the typical Ava, he is very good at doing,) but he also gets to eat jello for dinner…

Chef Superdad

I sent Josh to the store for our dinner last night, and he came home with what he wanted to cook us for breakfast this morning, too! Now, pretty much every time I cook something that I’m proud of, I take a picture…either because I have a sick obsession with pictures, or I secretly aspire to be a food bloggy, or because I don’t cook cook super often and therefore feel that it needs documenting. The truth is probably a combination of all of those! Anyway, apparently I’m not the only one that feels that way, because…

Josh most definitely took a picture of his breakfast before consuming it!

Oh yeah, we had the breakfast of champions, and you should be jealous.

Want to See a Nightmare on Saturday?

Then I challenge you to try to buy a month’s worth of groceries on at Wal-Mart on Saturday afternoon. Oh, yeah, today I most definitely found myself in the midst of the throngs of tired, over-worked people who are forced to buy carts full of groceries on a Saturday because it is the only time they have to do it. The good news is, we now have toilet paper and Lighting McQueen yogurt…and the rest of the food for the month…the bad news is, I could not find couscous or ground lamb. Don’t they know people are going to want couscous and ground lamb???

To End on a Pregnancy Note, Because No Silly Post is Complete Without One

I hit 37 weeks yesterday, which means I am now full term! Which means that this babe could safely arrive now at any time! I am smarter to expect the baby to be early…if he/she is that will be a nice surprise, but I know better than putting any hope in it. Anyway, I know that’s not very silly, but…

~The thought occurred to me in Wal-Mart: If my water breaks while I am in here, would it be OK to finish my shopping, check out, go home, put away the cold things, and then go to the hospital??? And I was inclined to say, after all that work of making the list and filling the buggy, that if that had happened, I would have done just that.

~Although most of me does not mind being pregnant for 3+ more weeks, I think my back is officially done.


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