A Serious Look at Bible Reading (week 6)

As I mentioned before, we are reading through the Gospels with Ava this year. We are going at a pretty slow pace, taking one short, cohesive passage at a time. When I am the one reading to her, I try to take a few minutes after reading to explain the passage or review the story, and to squeeze out whatever 4 year old application that I can.

And you know what?

Sometimes it’s hard to explain things! These are the passages that I have probably read the most throughout my life, but when I try to explain them, the words just don’t form themselves. Sometimes it’s because I can be really terrible at explaining things at a child’s level (which is why my 4 year old uses words like “appropriate”), but sometimes I have to admit that God is so big that He understands things that we can’t. I guess that is what childlike faith is all about: embracing Someone even if we don’t understand everything about Him.

One thing is for sure; reading the Bible to my four year old forces me read the Bible more responsibly. I can’t just skim the passages that I don’t understand. I can’t just let myself read through the super-familiar passages on auto-pilot. And it’s amazing, when reading the Bible with the purpose of seeing what it has to say to a child, how much it has to say to me!


Went to an O.B. check-up today. I had the doctor check and make sure that the baby is still head down because I have felt a lot of side-to-side movement and pressure. She assured me that he/she is in the right position (which means this kid must have some super long legs!), but otherwise my cervix hasn’t made any progress in a couple weeks. Oh, well, I still have plenty to do before his/her grand appearance! The paper chain is so short now Josh has to go up the stairs and remove links from the loft. We took a family poll of when the baby will come. Ava said tomorrow, Izzy said Saturday, and Josh said the 17th. Anybody else want to take a guess???


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