My Heart Melts into a Little Puddle (Sweet, Week 6)

The weather is not fun. I’m already very tired, but then having day after day of dark gray skies, wet ground, and chilly temperatures (although not chilly enough to be considered truly cold!) has sucked the energy right out of me. I know this is February, which is about the least exciting month possible, but still – can’t a sistah have a sunshine break from time-to-time? (Especially in the Sunshine State!) So, today I’m going to blame my despondency, over-indulgence in dark chocolate M&Ms, and drinking sweet tea in the afternoon out of a wine glass on the weather instead of on pregnancy. I think the weather deserves its fair share of blame!

On to a happier note, I promised you some sweet photos taken of just my children at our maternity shoot last week…and here they are!

One of the reasons I love shooting (and now being shot at!) Railroad Square is because it is colorful and artsy. Graffiti here (as far as I know) is not so much vandalism but a form of self-expression. This allows photographers a variety of motifs to work with!

Someday I’ll edit out Ava’s flyaway hairs. But I bet you wouldn’t notice them if I hadn’t mentioned it!






Seriously, these pictures will be treasured always! I’m already seeing how fleeting childhood is…and we haven’t even hit elementary school yet!

Want something else that is sweet? How about a sweet Valentine’s Day project!

So, as I was saying, last week I tortured, I mean worked with, our friend Isabel in the kitchen! Together, we made 60+ pecan bon bons! We used Betty Crocker’s Christmas Almond Bon Bon recipe, substituting half a pecan for the almonds. I can’t say enough how delighted I have been in how kid friendly this recipe is! Even little kids can help stir the dough, and then help shape the dough around the pecan (or whatever your center is!) and plop it onto the cookie sheet! I do recommend doubling the recipe, since these things are tiny and will be eaten fast!

After Ava came home prom preschool, it was time to make the bon bons Valentines-ish! I whipped up some buttercream icing, got out the sprinkles, and put the girls to work!

(So I may have decided to help when I realized they were going to put one heart sprinkle on at a time!)

In the end, we ended up with enough sweet treats for both of our families:

And they were really, really good! At least, I think so!

So now I have to decide…do I want to make more of these to give Ava’s teachers for Valentines Day…or do I come up with a new baking project. Suggestions???


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