A Late Does of Silliness (Week 7 Catch-Up)

The nice thing about being in any time now territory of pregnancy, is whenever I’m late with/for something, it is just assumed that I’m in the hospital and, consequently, everyone cuts me a little slack. No, I’m not in the hospital, yet, but I will still accept your slack for the late blogging – thanks very much!

Did the Linkers do anything silly last week? Hmmmmm…


The No-Good, Horrible, Very Bad Attempt at a Valentines S’More Pie

As I mentioned, I had an epic baking failure on Valentines Day. I know that my blog is mainly a place where I show off my baking/cooking successes, so I wanted to be sure to reveal my humanity to the world! This failure was so bad it had to be thrown away. I mean, it involved chocolate, and it had to be thrown away. That’s pretty bad.

I was attempting to make a S’More Pie. Instead of a beautiful, 5 pound pie pan of brownie, graham cracker, and marshmallow goodness that I was expecting, I ended up with this…

Hard burnt shell on top, large empty cavity, uncooked goo at the bottom. To further show the disastrous results, these are the brownie cupcakes I attempted to make with the leftover batter…

Not only did they burn…they imploded!

Now, I’m pretty sure that the results had to do with the fact that I had folded the marshmallows into the batter. That’s what the recipe said to do, but now that I think about it, marshmallows will melt, leaving empty cavities, which can be problematic, as you can see! (I also obviously had no clue how long this should bake!) I also think I know how to use this concept successfully: make a Mississippi mud pie with a graham cracker crust! Now that would be yummy!


The rest of my silly pictures are all of Izzy. I’m not trying to leave Ava out…this is just how things went down this week!


Move Over, Beethoven

While I was single-handedly creating and destroying my S’Mores Pie, Izzy was being distracted by finding his inner Beethoven.

I don’t typically let the kids have free time on the piano (which is probably something I should change), but desperate times call for desperate measures!


Ava Conversation of the Week
(The setting: my van, taking Ava to preschool. We weren’t having a conversation about letters OR Justin Bieber at the time, I promise!)
Ava: Mommy, do Bieber and fever start with the same letter???


Introducing Spikes!

Izzy’s new hair cut now has two possible styles: unbrushed/flat (as pictured above) for the every day, and spiky for special occassions!

(Yes, Izzy wears a Lightning McQueen t-shirt on special occassions…why do you ask?)


The All-Important Band-Aid

Ava gets a boo-boo (or a “boo-boo”) every once in a while that she decides needs a band-aid. When this happens, she is very particular about her band-aids, so I have created some band-aid rules. Would you like to see them?

Band-Aid Rule #1: There has to be a sign of blood (or at least broken skin) in order to wear a band-aid. After all, band-aids do not grow on trees.
Band-Aid Rule #2: At bath time, the band-aid must be removed and thrown away. I have to be allowed to clean the area of the injury, regardless of whether or not it stings. Failure to comply to a proper cleaning means that there is not another band-aid in the future for said boo-boo.
Band-Aid Rule #3: We do not wear band-aids overnight (directly after bath time, anyway). The boo-boo has to breath to heal. (Does it? That’s what my mom always said, anyway!)

Well, Ava had a terrible injury (that you could almost see!) on her knee this week and consequently requested a band-aid. Izzy has been pretty ignorant about band-aids up until this point, but I guess he finally caught on because he proceeded to find a boo-boo that would need a band-aid. A two week old scratch on his hand that was barely even visible any more.

By the time I had taken this picture, he had fallen on the side walk and gotten two fresh, rather impressive scrapes on his knees. He never thought to ask for band-aids for those!


Warm Weather = Time for “Fip Fops” and…Going Topless?

Saturday morning, I didn’t put a shirt on Izzy right away because he was eating pancakes. (Rainbow pancakes, which I will blog about later.) He then, inspired by the weather, I suppose, found his “fip fops” (flip-flops) and put them on. He looked like a total beach bum! So Josh took him to walk the dog in his shirtless state. Oh, what you can get away with when you’re two!


The Offending Dress

If you follow me at all on facebook, bless your heart for having to look at my picture on two different web-sites! But, if you follow me at all on facebook, you probably know that Josh is trying to deter Izzy from the habit of wearing a dress when he dances. Not just any dress…there is a particular dress in his sister’s dress-up stash that he thinks he should wear when he’s dancing. (We are regular living room dancers!) And, although I don’t want my son to wear dresses any more than the next woman who doesn’t want her son to wear dresses, it is way too adorable when I turn on music for the kids to dance and he immediately makes a bee-line for the dress-up clothes bag! (Saying, “I need my dess! I need my dess!”) He brings the dress to you to put on him, and he’s not taking “no” for an answer! So, here it is, to embarrass him some years from now, the Offending Dress:

(and the band-aid!)


4 thoughts on “A Late Does of Silliness (Week 7 Catch-Up)

  1. Oh.My.Gosh. It looks like we *both* had some chocolate disasters on V-Day. Although s’more pie sounds divine. Isn’t that weird when you try a recipe and the directions are kind of wrong and you know it? Are you familiar with Annie’s Eats at all? She has some s’more cupcakes that look delectable…but they require a blowtorch of all things! Between that and creme brulee, it sounds like I need me a blowtorch for sure now…

  2. ROFL. This was hilarious, especially the end. HOW CUTE! XD I wish I could see these guys more often! I miss everyone so much!! Me, Josh, Kristy, & Mom (and you and Jeremy now too, I guess ;P hehehe) so need to get together to play some good ‘ole gin rummi. I miss those days of long conversation over cards. 🙂 Haha, I do NOT, however, miss Kristy destroying things when she thinks she’s loosing. XD lol

  3. @KaraTheCucumber – Yeah. We so need to make plans soon! I’ve requested off the weekend prior to my birthday (May 28th & 29th), so perhaps we could plan something for around then, if I get it off. :)I hope you and the new baby are doing superb,~*Akarui Mitsukai*~

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