Celebrating Joy!!! (Serious/Sweet, Week 8)

We have some dear friends at our church. You know they are dear when they let me take their picture!

My friend Liz and her husband Morgan suffered a loss last year – you can read a very little bit about it here. But this is not a post to re-live that experience, but to celebrate some joy that God has brought into their lives now!

Can you guess what it is???

Alright, she’s obviously expecting, you say! True, that.


…there’s more!

Have you figured it out??? Here’s another hint!

Still not clicking???

Becoming a little clearer??? What, do you just want me to come out and tell you?

Does that say what I think it says?

Yes, in April/May we will be welcoming not one, but two sweet girls to our church family!!!

I am so honored to have the privilege of getting to watch their story, and testimony, unfold!

We celebrate with them and have so much JOY for these two sweet blessings!

For those of you who are keeping track, yes, this is my technical due date. No, there is no news on the baby front, although there is one lone paper link thumbtacked to my vaulted ceiling. This may, indeed, be a March baby after all! Feeling very tired and a little weepy today, fluctuating from “Let’s just get this over with!” to “Being pregnant is really a lot easier than giving birth!” Walking as much as possible, and contenting myself with waiting on God’s timing!


4 thoughts on “Celebrating Joy!!! (Serious/Sweet, Week 8)

  1. Awww. Wish you the best of luck. I adore the picture with the blue heart and the rest of it being greyed out. :)Let me know if/when you need anything! I’ll do what I can.Love you guys, and praying for you,~*Akarui Mitsukai*~

  2. Wow, beautiful pics AND story!!! God is sooo good, promising to recompense us for our sorrow! And He turly has for these people!! Praying for your baby to come out healthy and strong!! Victoria

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