Baby Update (I reckon that’s Serious!)

Went to the doctor today. Was really dreading this appointment…when I was overdue with Ava and went to the doctor, she checked me and said, “OK, I can induce you tomorrow, or we can wait a week and I’ll induce you then.” And she looked at me and waited. I cried! I did not expect to have to choose, just like that. We did opt for the induction, and it wasn’t a horrible experience, at all, but going into labor on my own with Izzy was a much better experience!

So, this time around, I’ve really been wanting to go into labor on my own. Of course, since it’s the 3rd baby, and since Izzy was a little early, I also did not anticipate still being pregnant almost a week past “due date”! So I had 2 fears in regards to my appointment today: the first that, when she checked me, we would find that I had made NO progress since last week, and the second that they would start to really push for induction.

Things went much better than I expected! She checked me and I was at 3 cm!!! I was so relieved to hear that; I’ve had a lot of contractions and pressure this week, and I think if I had found out that they had not done anything I would have lost it! She also did not pressure me to induce at all. She explained that their policy is to deliver at 42 weeks, so up until that point I can wait as much as I want! We set up some precautionary appointments to check on the baby over the next week in case I don’t deliver in the next 48 hours. Since I was dialated as much as I was, she went ahead and swept my membranes. I’m feeling pretty crampy from that (back, thighs, lower abdomen,) but I’m also starting to get some good (but not quite to the point of painful) contractions, so hopefully that means something! In fact, I think I’ll go on a walk right now since sitting is not particularly comfortable!

(Just a little reminder of why I’m putting myself through this!)


3 thoughts on “Baby Update (I reckon that’s Serious!)

  1. Such a cute picture! Praying for you! P.S. So glad they aren’t pushing to induce — I have heard induction is painful!

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