I’m Still Here

Just letting you know I’m still here. I intend to write a birth story as soon as I have two hands to do it. The only reason I have two hands now is I’m letting Egan cry it out a little. I mean a very little, like 4 minutes. He does fine sleeping at night (waking up to feed, of course!) when his Daddy is here, but since Daddy is working super late tonight, he has decided not. to. go. down. I think we just nursed for an hour straight, thus the 4 minute break to rectify my blogging and M&M withdrawals.

My mom is here spoiling me right now. Next week will be the true test – me on my own with three kids while the state government is in session (meaning Daddy will be working late a lot for the next two months!)

Body still super tired, heart still super full!


3 thoughts on “I’m Still Here

  1. It can be tough at times, but you can do it. I know there are differing opinions on sleeping with your baby, but it was the only way I could get enough sleep to make it sanely through the next day.Praying for you and your family.PS Let Melanie know if you need a “mommy’s helper” for a day after your mom goes back home.Harriet

  2. have lots of friends stop by! hopefully baby boy takes an easy on you while your husband works late!crying is a necessity for babies, it doesn’t always mean the worse, they cry just cause, its lovely isn’t it!take care

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