If 2 Week Olds Could Talk… (Silly, #9)

…then this would have been mine and Egan’s conversation on Thursday!

Me: Hey, you!

Egan: Who, me?

Yes, you! You are two weeks old today! Do you know what that means?

I’m not sure. What does that mean?

It means that we get to take some pictures of you!

You take pictures of me all the time.

But these are different. These are special 2 week pictures!

Oh, well, OK. Have fun!

Oh, one more thing.

What’s that?

For these special pictures, we have to take your clothes off.

Why on earth would you do that?

Because it’s cute. And it’s the only age we can really get away with it.

Oh, the inhumanity! Can I at least keep my diaper on?

You’re on my sectional without a waterproof liner, so, yes.

Well, OK, then.

Speaking of diapers, aren’t you supposed to be a sort of green hippie that uses cloth diapers? Why is brother in cloth diapers and I’m not?

Well, I tried the prefold diapers I have on you, and they work great! But, unfortunately, they are so big that I can’t keep your little umbilical cord nub dry. And your cord doesn’t seem to want to fall off. So I’m trying to be patient and use disposables until it does fall off.

What, this nub?

Yes son, that one.

Cool. Are we done taking pictures, yet?

What’s the rush? I haven’t taken pictures of you in…days!

That’s not true! We just took some the other day on the bed. Remember, the dual diaper change that led to a photo shoot?

Oh, yeah. Well, spontaneous photos don’t count.

I disagree.

Well, that’s OK, we can agree to disagree.

So, are we done NOW?

Yes, we’re done…for now!


Some Birth Story Back Blogging

I told you I’d have to write things as I think of them!

I had originally intended, in the last post, to provide linkies to Ava and Izzy’s birth stories in case anybody really wanted to compare them. Ava’s birth story (the little bit I wrote about it) is here, and Izzy’s is here and here.

I also left out that Tiffany watched Izzy the day that Egan was born while Ava was in preschool! Just one of the many ways people have helped to take care of us! I don’t know why I don’t have a picture of Tiffany with Egan, I will have to fix that!

I ALSO failed to mention how thankful I am that God provided us with another healthy birth!!! Cesarean was never even mentioned, I was able to labor on my own (one of my biggest concerns!), and although I did resort to meds, I think going in making an effort to avoid them helped everything to progress quickly. We didn’t have any scares with jaundice, and Egan starting nursing much quicker and more efficiently than either of his siblings did. We are so blessed!!!


2 thoughts on “If 2 Week Olds Could Talk… (Silly, #9)

  1. Love these! My favorite is the one of the 3 of them So how is life with 3??!!! I’m really trying to prepare myself! haha like that’s even possible!

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