We’re Moving, and other randomness (Serious #10)

We’ve known for a while (well, since we became pregnant with #3!) that we would have to move in June when our lease here ends. Not only is our 2 bedroom apartment becoming a little tight for us, but our lease also specifies that we are only allowed 2 people per bedroom…and there are 5 of us now.

So the “news” of this post is not so much that we are moving, because we already knew that…but the “news” is we have found a place to move to! As in, we’ve already put down a deposit and all we have to do is sign the lease! I don’t have pictures of the place (and it feels really weird to post about anything that I don’t have pictures to illustrate!), but here are the facts:

The Pros:
~ 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, with an additional office! Exactly what we were looking for!!!
~ The rent, for this house which is much more spacious than our apartment, is…$40 a month less than our current lease!
~ If that’s not exciting enough, the utility bill for the house averages…wait for it…$75 less a month than our current lease!
~ The kitchen is amazing. I’m not sure if I’ve talked about it on here or not, but our apartment’s kitchen is…well, an apartment’s kitchen! It’s pretty small, and I actually do a lot of my work on the glass top stove (when it’s turned off!) because of the lack of counter space. My new kitchen is huge! Lots of counter space and cabinets…I might even be able to put my cook books in the kitchen! It also has a side-by-side fridge/freezer…I’ve never had one before, but I think that I will enjoy having the extra freezer space (and being able to see everything that’s in my freezer!) Oh, and there’s a walk in pantry. I didn’t even know that was possible! (We don’t have a pantry here, Josh finally bought me a cabinet to put food in to keep me from going crazy!) All of this, as you can see, makes my little Betty Crocker heart very happy!
~ Good size screened in back porch. I’ve never had one of those, either, but I’m excited to give it a try!
~ Lots of built in shelving in the office and living room. We have a bunch of junk, I mean books and other items we don’t want the kids messing with, so I’m tickled to have so many shelves! Who knows, maybe I’ll even be able to display a few picture frames!
~ Quiet neighborhood. My dad pointed out that the house is located right next to a speed hump, so we shouldn’t have to worry about people driving too fast on our road.
~ Large front and back yard.
~ This is a family home that has never been rented out before. The realtor and land lords liked us enough that, not only are they accepting us despite the situation we are in with our old house, and not only are they accepting us even though we come with a larger dog than they would like inside, but they are also willing to hold the house for us until June!!!

By far the biggest con is…it’s a little out of town. It’s sort of in a small town of its own (as in, there’s an IGA and Subway nearby!), but I’m not sure if it’s an official small town or not. Now, Josh and I both have some small town roots…but I’ve gotten pretty spoiled living right here in the middle of everything! We discovered that Josh’s commute to work from the new house will actually be about the same, but of course it will be farther to get Ava to her preschool and for me to go shopping, visit friends, or see any other sign of civilization. Not to mention going to church. So, with rising gas prices, that may just cancel out the money we will be saving on rent and utilities!
~ The laundry room is outside (in the walled in carport, so I won’t really have to go out in the elements to get to it!) I know a lot of people have their laundry room outside, but this will be a first for me. Since I’m going to be spending a good bit of time outside washing cloth diapers, I’m not sure how much I’m going to like that!
~ The back yard is not fenced. But it is flat and large, so I think we can deal with it.
~ It’s not what I would call a pretty house. It’s cinder block on the outside and wood panelling on the inside. But, considering the fact that I, well, don’t really decorate, anyway, that’s also something that can be dealt with!

As you can see, the pros outweigh the cons, and it’s definitely nice to know where we’ll be going!!!


Other Randomness

I realized I neglected to post any pictures of Josh holding Egan, making him look like he skipped out on us somewhere between my epidural and the birth. That is not the case at all! I don’t want to make anyone jealous, but my husband is a delivery coach, a postpartum counselor, and a lactation consultant, all wrapped up into one! So here he is with his #2 boy and #1 baby!

And here is our first pic as a fam of 5!


4 thoughts on “We’re Moving, and other randomness (Serious #10)

  1. What a beautiful family photo!! Is that an apartment or a house you’re renting? It sounds lovely!! Our freezer here is so tiny! We have an apartment sized fridge/freezer. We can’t really purchase much frozen because it just doesn’t fit. I wish our yard was fenced in but I guess any home can’t be exactly perfect!Good luck with your move!!! See now we can’t both wish for it to be June now!!

  2. Awww. I’m SO excited and happy for you! I thank the Lord for His blessing in your life with this new home! I can’t wait to see it!! 😀 Sounds like a party is in order once you guys are decently moved in. 😉 Let me know how much time you’ll need to get settled enough to celebrate the new place, or maybe have help unpacking, and I’ll try to request off from work for a bit and trip down and spend some decent time with you guys! Love you and miss you guys so much!So excited for you news,~*Akarui Mitsukai*~

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