The Bucket List

I have a beach bucket. Well, that’s not entirely true. It’s technically Izzy’s beach bucket.

He got it for his 2nd birthday from friends. I’ve been known to steal, I mean borrow, it from him on occasion for the purpose of photography. You have already seen it make an appearance with baby Julie Ann…

So The Bucket has kind of become “my thing” with baby photography. Just like unique wedding band photos are “my thing” with wedding photography. If I do a shoot of anyone under the age of one, I will probably try to incorporate the bucket in some way.

One good thing about the bucket is…

…it can be used to gauge a child’s growth in multiple shoots!

But, really…

…the main reason I like using The Bucket is it’s just plain fun!

So, last Thursday, a new baby joined my Bucket List. Egan was three weeks old, and I wanted to do some special pictures to document that landmark.

I put him in The Bucket at the end of a nap, expecting him to immediately start screaming. He didn’t!

(A decent sleeping picture at last!)

So, I did what any good mom would do. I snatched the bucket (baby tucked inside!) and the camera and ran out the door!

Now I’m brainstorming for 4 week pictures! Anyone have a little red wagon I can borrow???


3 thoughts on “The Bucket List

  1. Haha, poor kid. 😉 Anywho. I’d like to see that last shot of your’s where only the baby is in color. Think you could manage that? 🙂

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