A Little Baby Q & A

In a post I wrote after Ava was born, I answered some common questions that people were asking me about my experiences at the beginning of motherhood. I thought it would be fun to answer the same questions now about Egan! I will also answer a few new questions at the end!

How are your nights going?
Not bad at all! I would say that Egan sleeps really well about 3/4 of our nights. He will wake up for one or two feedings and then go back to sleep. Josh and I developed a system when I was nursing Izzy. Josh would get up, get the baby, and change the diaper. Then he’d hand him to me, lay down, and take a nap while I nursed. Then I hand the baby back to him, and he swaddles him and puts him back to bed. We’ve continued this tradition with Egan. We do it this way because Josh doesn’t mind getting out of bed if he’s allowed to go back to sleep immediately afterwards, and I don’t mind being awake as long as I don’t have to get out of bed! (Plus, since I’m the one nursing, I don’t really have a choice about that! )

In order to get Egan sleeping well at night, we learned that he simply doesn’t want to sleep flat on his back in the bassinet. I think it’s because laying flat gives him acid reflux. So he sleeps in his car seat. Don’t judge, it works. I also have trouble getting him to go down on the nights that Josh has to work really late. He needs to be swaddled to sleep well, and that’s just something that needs a Daddy’s touch.

How was your labor/delivery?
That has its own post here.

Are you breastfeeding?
Yes!!! Egan is my nursing champ! He started latching on to both sides the day I came home from the hospital. We had to fight to get him on one side, but I never had to use a nipple shield for it, and now he latches really, really well. I feel like this was a huge blessing. Struggles in nursing always make my first two weeks postpartum very stressful, so it was a huge relief when nursing came so naturally this time. I’m sure I’ll be posting more about nursing since that is what I spend a very large portion of my time doing!

Have you taken her him out yet?
I have two other kids, what do you think? We go to church, to pick up Ava from preschool, to the park, to Wal-Mart…Egan stays in the wrap, which is not only convenient, but also deters people from trying to hold him. (Not that I don’t want others to hold him, but tiny babies don’t need to be exposed to too much too soon!) Last weekend Egan had his first overnight trip! We went to visit our families and to visit Cloverdale’s homecoming service. Josh had some business at our old house to take care of and I had an engagement shoot in that area that I needed to do, so we made a trip out of it! Egan did great!

(After his first trip to the park!)

Do you have help at home? Are you going back to class work?
Josh took a week off after Egan was born to stay with the family. It was really awesome to have that week to get used to being a family of five. Some fabulous people from our church provided us with meals that week so we did not have to worry about food preparation. When Josh went back to work, my mom came and stayed for a week, which was also awesome! This is our second week of being “on our own.” But I know I’m not really on my own, because we have great friends supporting us!

(The day that Pa came to take Gramma back home!)

I’m not planning on doing nearly as much photography this year, but I did shoot an engagement on Sunday. I hope to be able to avoid as much overlap in editing as possible; I simply don’t have as much time as I did before, and I’d like to be able to actually rest during the down time that I do get!

Some New Questions!

Where did you get the name?
This is the question I’ve probably been asked the most since Egan was born! Egan is actually the last name of some friends of ours. We started attending their church shortly after we got married, and they were so instrumental in helping us transition to being a Christian married couple. We don’t get to see them much anymore, but they always will have a special place in our hearts! I have always thought that their name would make a great name for a boy! It’s Irish in origin, and we obviously have at least some Irish-ness in our heritage! I didn’t even think to look up the meaning until after he was officially named, but it turns out it is “little fiery bright eyed one.” So far, it fits him very well!

How is being a mom to three kids going?
I get asked this question, or variations of this question, a lot. The answer is…it’s going. Sometimes it’s going really well! Sometimes it’s very stressful. I took all three kids to the store by myself last week. It went incredibly smoothly! But sometimes it’s virtually impossible to get a meal on the table for the older kids without the baby screaming because I had to put him down long enough to prepare cereal and sippy cups.

I could go on, but I’m sure I’ll have plenty of blog posts about the challenges of raising three preschoolers!


4 thoughts on “A Little Baby Q & A

  1. Thanks for sharing Your children are just so beautiful!!!! Alex and Olivia slept in their carseats for a little at the beginning.

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