4 Week Pictures and Spring Break Recap

Well, the 4 week pictures almost didn’t happen. We had horrible weather last Thursday, so I was thinking I would have to be 4 week and 1 day pictures. However, at about 7:15 (45 minutes before dark), the weather miraculously cleared up and the baby was relatively calm, so I snagged a basket and ran out the door!

It’s hard to believe that this little man was a month old yesterday! Seriously??? Time must go by fast when you’re sleep deprived!

So, anybody want to guess what the theme of my 5 week pictures will be? (Not that I need any ideas or anything…)


Spring Break Recap

The week after my mom went back home was Ava’s Spring Break from preschool. I almost forgot about it and sent her to preschool anyway – fortunately they had a sign about it posted when I picked her up the previous Thursday! Even though she only goes to preschool twice a week, I still wanted her Spring Break to be sort of special. However, with a 2 week old, I didn’t really have many ideas of fun things to do that wouldn’t stress me out too much. So we did the best we could!

Day 1 ~ Tiffany volunteered to take the older kids to have a movie day with her kids! So that was a nice little Spring Break for me and Egan!

Day 2 ~ This was our biggest Spring Break day. We arranged to meet, as Ava puts it, “everybody we know in Florida who has kids” at a city park. (We do know some more people here who has kids…I think…)

It was much fun!

Gwiny and Isabel were the perfect height to walk Aurora around to her heart’s content!

Jack wasn’t sure what to do with all the girls!

My kids were excited to have grown-ups that had free hands for pushing!

Aurora helping Emma send a text!

That evening, Josh was working late, so I was gearing up for a long, tedious night…when Cynthia the Craft Fairy appeared on my doorstep and voluntarily entertained my children!

The paints were a big hit!

Day 3 ~ Another day, another play ground!

I don’t think it was as impressive to Ava!

Day 4 ~ I can’t remember what we did special on this day. I do remember that the baby started fussing at about 10:30, and he didn’t stop until after Josh got home from work around 1:00 AM.

Day 5 ~ We started off pretty lazy.

Then we took our first ever trip to Wal-Mart, just the 4 of us. I don’t know if that counts for a Spring Break activity, but it might as well, because it went great!!! I was feeling bad because I did not have a special activity planned for Ava that day, but then Daddy surprised us by getting off at lunch, so we got to eat Mexican as a family and then head to Gramma’s house a day early! I figured nothing could be more special than that!

Well, it wasn’t much, but since it was the first one, I can honestly say this is the best Spring Break that Ava has ever had!


2 thoughts on “4 Week Pictures and Spring Break Recap

  1. Awww. ๐Ÿ™‚ And first time ever to wal-mart as a family? Say what? Haha. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think the manager’s must think I live at wal-mart, with as much as the expect me to get done! haha Anywho.Why is Josh staying so late at work? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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