Photos I Didn’t Take!

After Izzy was born, life got a little crazy, and I kind of forgot about pictures. I mean, I took pictures of him and Ava, of course, but I kind of forgot to get some of us all together as a family. The best picture I have of the four of us in the first week of Izzy’s life is this:

Cute, but not exactly something I would frame in an 8 x 10!

So, last Sunday, we followed up with the photographer who took our maternity pictures, and had some family portraits! I don’t upload pictures to facebook as a general rule (I don’t have the patience for it!), so I am going to put my favorites on here! So, kick back, relax, and enjoy the Photos That Kara Did Not Take!

Of course there’s not one where we’re all looking at the camera at the same time, but that’s real life, anyway!

Love this little dude!!!

I’m so, so glad we stopped and took some baby shots on this bridge!!!

A Melt-Mama’s-Heart shot, I know!

Love this shot!

She used my hiding-behind-the-bush trick!

We sort of took a “half time” so I could nurse Egan (and get him happy again!), so she took some shots of the older kids!

This is one of my favorites!!

The boys!

Another favorite!

I wanted to do something to compliment the shot with the block and rings that we got at the maternity shoot, and this is what I came up with. I wish the kids were a *little* more in focus so they could be identified, but it’s still really cool!

The basket makes another appearance!

Me and my sweet boy! Sorry so many pictures of me, I’m not used to it since I’m usually taking them!

Sweet little man!

So, I have several blog entries in my mind, but for some reason, I’m having trouble finding time to write them! I know I want to write about what I learned in my hospital stay, my experience cloth diapering a tiny baby, and the good and the bad of having 3 kids relatively close in age… any requests on which one I write about first??? (I also have about 5 entries that will revolve around pictures!)


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