Let’s Play a Game Called…

…check and see what pictures I’ve uploaded to Photobucket that I have not had time to blog about! (Catchy title, is it not?)


Some Belated Family Pics

A couple weeks ago, I mentioned that we made Egan’s first overnight trip to visit family and friends, among other things. This was also the first time Egan got to meet his Grandpa Dan and his four youngest aunts!

I always make Gigi and Grandpa Dan model the newest grandbaby!

Gigi and three aunts! I think Harlie was too jealous of Gigi holding another baby to be in a picture.

Egan with Aunt Dana. This girl loves babies – I may steal her some this summer!

Egan with Aunt Stacey.

I think they like him!

Aunt Tori

Aunt Harlie

We were so glad that everyone got to meet him! Well, we are still waiting on Aunt Heather and Uncle Jeremy to meet him…


Show Us Your Life – Kara’s Nursery Addition

Does anyone keep up with Kelly’s Korner? Well, I haven’t in a while, but I know that she used to do something once a week (or month?) called “Show Us Your Life” where she would show a room in her house and then linky to all the other bloggers who were participating and showing pictures of the same room in their houses. Anyway, I know I’m a little late for her “Nursery and Kids Rooms” day, but, seeing how I have such an amazing knack for decorating, I figured it would not be fair to keep my amazing nursery away from the rest of the world!

I know, it’s so beautiful, you are in tears! Don’t you just love all the thought I obviously put into Egan’s corner of our Master Bedroom? I even stuck that pillow in the window where Izzy had pulled the hole in our blinds when he was sleeping there! (OK, so Josh did that…) But you know what the best part is? Up until last week, Egan didn’t even sleep here…

…he slept here! (That, fortunately, has changed – he’s finally sleeping in the play pin!)

I know, I know, you are so amazed by my eye for detail, color coordination, and successful use of themes. But don’t worry, I would never keep all of this talent to myself! I’d be happy to give you tips for your own nursery…and I won’t even charge for them!

You want to feast your eyes on it one more time? **blush** If you insist!

…and yes, I’m being very snarky! It was kind of fun!


2 thoughts on “Let’s Play a Game Called…

  1. Haha, good job!! Sometimes that is just the way that it has to be!! My littlest one slept in a literal laundry basket with a pillow for a bed while we waited for the pack and play to come. He was so cute and sweet in there, I wish that I would have taken a picture of it! We had 2 pack and plays at one point one for each of my boys while we were staying at my parents house in a small bedroom for all of us to share! Thank the Lord for our apartment and all the space it has!! I couldn’t imagine doing that again!!

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