Does this diaper make my butt look big???

Hi, Mom! Does this diaper make my butt look big???

Well son…I’m not sure how to put this…but…yes.


As you can see, Egan is officially in his cloth diapers now! I’ve actually found it’s easier to cloth diaper a small baby than it is a toddler. Who knew?! We are so blessed that our friends and family showered us with these cloth diapers – when I look at the price of disposables in the store, I get a little light headed! It’s hard to believe we were paying that for over 3 years!

So…what else are we up to these days?

~ The older kids have taken up cup stacking. The day before my Egan was born, we went to a church event where we played a number of silly games, one of which involved stacking cups into towers. My kids inherited the cups, and they’ve been perfecting their stacking skills ever since. And they’re pretty darn good at it!

~ Izzy has come to a huge milestone: he’s now in a “big boy bed!”

I had originally planned to wait to transition him to a big boy bed when we move this summer. However, it was such a pain to have to put the baby down just to get Izzy in or out of his bed. And, if the stars align just right and I am able to do some serious potty training with Izzy before we move (that is a HUGENORMOUS “if”!), I don’t want him to be in a crib anymore. But I didn’t want to move any more furniture in, either! So, I was thinking outloud to Josh about whether or not the panel of his crib would come all the way off, and before I knew it, there was a big boy bed! Fortunately, the boy likes his sleep so much that we haven’t had any problems with him getting up at the wrong times yet!

~ I feel every day a little more used to having 3 kids. When I was pregnant, I was expecting Izzy to be the child to have trouble adjusting to a new sibling. He’s actually doing really great with it! He will love on the baby, love on me, and then will go back to playing with Lightning McQueen and is his same sweet self. Ava, on the other hand, has been much more challenging. She is great with the baby and I don’t think she’s misbehaving out of jealousy, but she is just in a very needy stage and I don’t feel like I have the time or energy to properly deal with the problem behaviors. She’s in a stage that involves a lot of whining and a pretty bad attitude, and it’s very very hard not to be short with her since I stay so exhausted. I pray daily for patience, and even then I often find myself failing in this area! And I have to hold her to a higher standard since she is the oldest and she is the only child I have that is remotely self-sufficient. Bless her heart, we’re having to teach her the old Spiderman mantra, With great privilege comes great responsibility.

~ If you can’t tell from that last incoherent paragraph, I’m pretty tired. Maybe I should go to bed.


One thought on “Does this diaper make my butt look big???

  1. i can’t believe how big your little one is, so cuteIzzy looks happy in his new bed, so that is all that matters

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