Resurrection Day!!!

Happy Easter, everyone!

Oh, yeah, I totally went there! (With a little help!)

Poor thing doesn’t stand a chance!

Now, let’s see, I think there’s something about today that’s even more important than cute babies contorted into unnatural positions…what is it…oh, yes!

As I got to tell my preschoolers at church this morning, Jesus is ALIVE – and that changes everything! Want to celebrate Easter – or should I say Celebrate Life – 70s style? What a coincidence, I did too! So I went and found this, and wanted to be sure to share for all my fellow hippies. (Yes, I have sang in this musical. On its 30th anniversary when I was a senior in high school. Right next to my mom, who also sang in it when it originally came out!)

Now, how is THAT for on-time blogging??? But don’t worry, I have lots more Easter related pictures that I’m sure I will be very late in sharing with you.


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