Hairdryers and Poop

This morning left me, like Big Mama, saying, “Happen? Happen?”

I had to take Ava to preschool because Josh was the “early guy” at work. It’s my first time taking her to school and bringing all the kids along. (Usually Josh drops her off. I pick her up, but that’s not until after lunch so I have plenty of time to get the family ready!)

Well, a storm system came through this morning. We had to go through a deluge to get Ava to her classroom. 2 out of 3 of my kids have a rain coat. The odd man out is Izzy. I also do not have a rain coat. And, super mom though I may be at times, I learned a long time ago that I cannot carry a baby, and/or hold the hands of multiple children, while properly holding an umbrella. So I gave up on umbrellas a long time ago. Needless to say, by the time the boys and I got home, we were all properly soaked.

I’m doing some pre-potty training with Izzy, so I took the opportunity to strip him down and put him on his potty seat. I’m going to call it pre-potty training because that makes me feel better about putting him in diapers when that is most convenient. Yesterday and today we have spent some diaper-free time in the mornings. He has sat on his potty seat for about 2 hours (collectively) over the past 2 days. He has not done anything on his potty seat. As much as I encourage him to, I’m not sure that he understands that that is what the potty seat is for. Today he sat on it for a good half hour. I finally set him free and let him put underwear on since he seems to have a strong aversion to being completely naked. In about 10 minutes he had an accident. I don’t mind the accident, like I said, we are in the very beginning stages here, but I am really trying to figure out how I can get him to go on the potty for the first time so that I can reward him (I can share my M&Ms for something big like this!) and start reinforcing that behavior.

Honestly, I’m completely overwhelmed by this project. I started potty training Ava right when she turned 2.5. Izzy is a little past that point, but boys are obviously different! Having a tiny baby doesn’t help, but, really, I was nursing Izzy (although he was a little older than Egan is) when I potty trained Ava and we made it through somehow. Josh and I have agreed that Josh is primarily responsible for potty training boys (I will potty train as many girls as you want me to!), but Josh is still super busy at work. I would just wait until after we move, but since our carpet here is already in pretty bad shape, and it appears as though the apartment complex is ripping out all the carpet and replacing it with tile after tenants move out, anyway, it also makes sense to try to do it now.

But after cleaning up the massive poop that Izzy had in his room while wearing underwear, I’m not so sure I’m ready for this.

Surely I did more this morning than encourage Izzy to use the potty and nurse the baby. Oh, yes, I tried to dry the infant car seat with a hairdryer so it would be dry enough to put the baby back in it so we could pick Ava up from preschool. Happen? Happen?


5 thoughts on “Hairdryers and Poop

  1. I’m working on potty training Asher now too – seeing as he’ll be 3 in July! I hate it! (potty training..) he can sit.. and do nothing and then pea later.. it’s hard! I’m trying to be casual about it and not forcing it.. ugh!

  2. You did plenty today. When Morgan worked at a camp for boys, and I would ask him how it went he would always say “Nobody died”. While that was not reassuring to me a mother sending my younger boys off to this camp, as a mother of seven children, sometimes that is how I defined a successful day as well.You are doing a great job, hang in there!”Life is what happens while you are cleaning up the poop!” – Apologies to John Lennon.

  3. I’ve always heard to teach boys how to go in the yard then they’ll more quickly respond to going in the potty…. but, you know, that may only be acceptable for small town southwest georgia situations.I am like 90% sure that’s how Jackie started training our nephews.

  4. LOL I agree with harrie…”nobody died.” That is a good one. I also agree that Josh may want to take him camping/fishing and go pee out in the woods or something. However the only problem with this is you will then find him trying to take a leak anywhere he can outside… My nephew Cameron when he was being potty trained was once caught peeing on the dog. And the dog let him.

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